The Energy Of Wealth – Brenda Young

Listen in as expert coach, mentor and author, Brenda Young, discusses The Energy Of Wealth and shares techniques of how to acquire more abundance in your life.

Brenda is the author of the new e-book “The Secret to Life 101” (endorsed by Joe Vitale), where she teaches people how to work with energy, using concepts and methods to create abundance in all forms (money, health, relationships, career, and spirituality).

What If It All Works Out? – Mindy Audlin

Listen in as Mindy Audlin, founder of The What If Up Club and author, helps us discover a simple yet powerful process that has helped individuals around the world re-create their reality through the power of Imagination.

Mindy has brought the feelings and the physics of possibility to people around the world. The author of “What If It All Goes RIGHT? Creating a New World of Peace, Prosperity & Possibility” (Morgan James Publishers), Mindy demonstrates the power of a positive mindset when setting goals and overcoming challenges in the office and beyond as you’ll hear in this show with her.