Never Give In. Never, Never, Never.

Today, my  friend, Jeff Chavez, posted this and with his permission I wanted to share it here because it’s such a wonderful message.  Btw.. Jeff and I share a very common mission in life.. helping entrepreneurs succeed.  Be sure and check him out and all that his up to!  He is a fantastic resource with lots of exciting stuff coming soon that you’re sure to love!   Sign up to his mailing list.. he’s always posting great motivational stuff for entrepreneurs….

You Can Be Famous! Insider Secrets To Free Publicity – Danek Kaus

Danek Kaus, author of, “You Can Be Famous! Insider Secrets To Free Publicity”  gives you the super dish in this class!

You DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS! Dan will discuss with us how to get free publicity for you and your business!  He will be covering aspects from the book will teaches people how to get free publicity.  And.. How to get on Oprah!

This show will help you to learn how to get free publicity for  your business.  You’ll learn about the tools you’ll need, the 10-second rule, how to approach journalists, how to do a national publicity campaign from home in your PJs, how to get on national TV talk shows and much more.