How to Triple Your Sales in 600 Seconds

For some of you that read this, you might be saying, “I already know this stuff”.  But, I invite you to read from a beginner’s mind and capture the analogies to help reframe your way of thinking.

Once at a seminar, a speaker on stage held a small cup.  Then, he poured a ton of pennies over the cup.  Most of the pennies ended up scattered everywhere on the floor.  Only a small handful of pennies ended up in the cup.

He poured the pennies again, but this time, he put a funnel over the cup.  Many of the pennies still missed, but he filled that cup with pennies.

Bag Up Failure and Throw It Away

So today… this is a really important post. If not for anyone else but for me. I have made it my life to understand success so that I may pass those teachings on to others. All I want for any of you is to clear whatever it is in the way holding you back from being who you really are… being fully self-expressed and creating the dreams you desire so you can go PLAY!

And…today was a HUGE clearing for me that I wanted to share so that you can apply this in your own life and business.

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Today I am reminded of a really great radio show I did with the founder of and, Gail Lynne Goodwin. You can listen to the show here (it’s great if I do say so myself!).

We had an amazing conversation about “unleashing crazy”. Gail is the epitome of playing crazy big full out. We both agreed that having what it is that you want in life requires you to give up looking good and give up looking bad. It’s just what the whole premise of this site is about: What would you do, how big would play, who would you be… if fear didn’t stop you… if you didn’t worry about what people thought of you… if you couldn’t get it wrong… if you couldn’t fail.

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Mari Smith

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Bob Doyle

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