Martin Allsop – FREE Program & eBook

martin-allsopMartin Allsop

Martin’s personal mission is helping people realize their full potential. A leading NLP figure trained by Bandler and Grinder, Martin pioneered business NLP, consulting and training many leading global companies. His personal development work is acclaimed as “life changing” and “mind opening”. He made a major contribution to women’s development, initiating ground breaking research into successful female leaders and executives. He also authored an e-course “Create a New Life” showing how to develop your personal mission. Dubbed the “Social networking king” after he grew his total Facebook network to 10,000 in under two months without importing external names.

Bob Doyle – FREE Audio & Transcript

Bob Doyle

Break out star of the world acclaimed movie, “The Secret”, Bob is one of the foremost authorities on the law of attraction. Since 2002, his “Wealth Beyond Reason” program and now recently his “Six Figure Streams” program has allowed thousands of people to reclaim their destiny, and begin creating lives of true abundance. Bob offers to Secret Of Her Success his dedication to helping you live a live a life you love. SOHS founder, Darcy Volden Hoag has coached Bob’s amazing programs.

Liz Pabon – FREE Audio

Liz Pabon

CEO and founder of Liz P. Communications and President of Motive8 Media. She is an award-winning publisher, marketer, author of The MavHERick™ Mind and co-author of Inspiration to Realization and Power and Soul. As a brand and brand-marketing strategist, Liz is known for championing women to experience the freedom of time and unlimited abundance that comes from entrepreneurship. Her unique philosophy and approach is dedicated to showing women how to experience the gift of coming alive to their inner power…a gift worthy of exploring and serving others through.

Joan Sotkin – FREE eBook & 2hr Audio

Joan Sotkin, www.prosperityplace.comJoan Sotkin

One of the foremost authorities on the connection between money and emotions, Joan is a prosperity coach and author of the award-winning Build Your Money Muscles: Nine Simple Exercises for Improving Your Relationship with Money. She helps people understand why they do what they do with money and how to comfortably move into an improved financial position and better relationship with themselves.

Steve Little – Special Edition Pack “Release Your Inner Genius”

Steve Little

The founder of ThePerfectBizFinder and Champion Success Coaching, Steve is an entrepreneurial multimillionaire who wants to share what he knows to be the secrets to accomplishing everything and anything you dream of accomplishing in life. He has been creating and building wildly successful businesses for nearly 4 decades. Today he is considered to be a leading success coach, mentor, and trainer serving and supporting the needs of independent entrepreneurs and small businesses.