This site was created just for YOU – The online woman business owner who wants to make her business wildly successful!

I have been helping internet entrepreneurs start and grow businesses since 1998.   I’ve had the very great fortune to work with some of the most amazing men and women you could ever meet.  It is their stories, their struggles, their successes, their failures, and their passion to chase after a dream that continue to inspire me to help entrepreneurs everywhere grow their businesses and make more money so that they can check a few things off their bucket list.

AND... in my years of working with online entrepreneurs I have seen more than my fair share of people get stopped, lose hope, lose money, lose sight of their dreams, get taken advantage of and fed more lines of bull-crap to empty out their pockets.  That’s why I’m here to help… help you get where you want to go —  taught to you by the women who are doin’ it right.  Real women.  Real advice.  Real success.

Taught to you by the women who are doing it right.

I also have the very great fortune to work with and for some of the best and brilliant minds in internet marketing and online business development.  It is my great pleasure to share them and their teachings with you here on regular basis.

Bringing you what TRULY works & helping you SHORTCUT your way to success.

More about me:  I have coached/mentored online business development programs for:

Joe Vitale: Most recently known for his feature in the movie, “The Secret”, is also author of best sellers, “The Attractor Factor”, “Zero Limits” and “The Key”, and, as Joe says, “too many books to mention here.” Also, a true marketing legend, Joe is often referred to as the “Buddha of the Internet”.

Bob Doyle: Also featured in the movie “The Secret”, author of, “Wealth Beyond Reason” and creator of the Wealth Beyond Reason Program. Since 2002, his “Wealth Beyond Reason” program has allowed thousands of people to reclaim their destiny, and begin creating lives of true abundance.

Matt Gill & Kevin Wilke of Nitro Marketing: “The Boys”, as I call them, not only are a couple of internet marketing whiz kids but they are on a mission to help people do what they love through on-line business.

Northstar ThinkTank: If ever there was a company that truly dedicated itself to helping entrepreneurs and men and women with a dream it was this one. I’ve repeatedly watched my co-workers at Northstar stop at no end to make a difference in people’s lives both professionally and personally. The lives they’ve touched is astonishing to me.  Northstar worked in partnership with the greats, such as Joe and Bob, and Matt & Kevin and even Marci Schimoff, as well as others, to create and deliver some of the finest coaching programs that, in my opinion, ever existed.  It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of their team.

Real women.  Real advice.  Real success.

Here’s to YOUR success!

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