Tele-class:  Business Outside the Box – Delivered! –   Starts November 15th

Highly highly recommended.  Did I say highly?  There are very few things that I want to shout from a mountain top about but this is one of them.  I have done many classes with Lynn Scheurell of and they have all been nothing short of phenomenal.  And this one is truly the crown jewel.

If I could emphatically say that there is one course that you MUST take this year to build and grow your business it’s this one.


A Virtual 8 – Week Workshop

There are people who need what you have to offer right now. They’re looking for you but they can’t find you. Why can’t they find you? Your business isn’t ready yet!

  • How long have you wanted to get your business ‘done’?
  • How often have you thought it would be nice to get your marketing in motion?
  • How many times have you started but felt like you didn’t know what you were doing?
  • If it’s time to just get it done, the Business Outside the Box – Delivered! Virtual Workshop can help you.

Is This For You?


If you have a gift or talent that you want to share with others, but don’t know how to put it together as a business, this workshop could be for you.

If you have been helping people with your gift but it’s been inconsistent because people don’t quite know how to refer or find you because you don’t know how to say what you do, have a website or know what to do first, this workshop could be for you.

If you’ve been helping people professionally (getting paid for it) but you are still having to choose between a job to pay the bills and doing what you love for people because you don’t have enough clients, this workshop could be for you.

To be honest, this workshop was born out of my work with thousands of energy-sensitive, gifted, creative, heart-centered, soul-driven people like you who have REAL talent AND who have the power to do miraculous things that can help a lot of people – maybe even save the planet – but remain the best-kept secret ever because they don’t know how to market themselves or get their businesses together!

Even if they DO know how to talk about what they do, they often get intimidated with the idea of writing out marketing copy, creating a website or developing a strategic plan to get known as an industry expert. And because that just cannot be anymore, I’m going to do it with you!!!

If all it takes is a little hands-on support from someone experienced to help you get your gifts out in the world where they can help a lot more people, then let’s make it happen – NOW!

This is the Business Outside the Box – Delivered! Workshop because it’s exactly that… we will take your business (that’s probably ‘outside the box’ because it’s personal to your unique talents) and put together the essential marketing pieces that you need to get out there and be seen. (Remember – you have to be seen to sell!)


With Good Energy~~~


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