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“From Rejection To Revenue”
Wednesday November 17th 7:00pm CST

One of the hardest things for anyone to handle is rejection, and that goes double for heart-centered, soul-driven entrepreneurs.

We really feeeeeel it when someone doesn’t understand ‘get’ the value of what we’re offering (not to mention the exhausting challenge of the financial acrobatics when we’re not making money!).

And yet, rejection can hold valuable keys to helping us generate revenue. But how do you know what those keys are to use them?

That’s what I’ll be talking about this Wednesday evening (11/17) at 7 pm Central during the new From Rejection To Revenues teleclass.

The fear of rejection is, essentially, a limitation that will prevent you from doing anything that someone might judge, disapprove and/or reject you for… like:

Acting, thinking, believing and functioning to ‘belong’

–> Result: you lose your individual identity

Saying something that isn’t considered ‘acceptable’

–> Result: you don’t speak your truths

Looking for approval and validation from someone outside of you

–> Result: you surrender your dreams as a result of low self-confidence

The greatest tragedy of all is that you will not be able to help the people who are looking for you if you are worrying about disapproval, judgment or rejection.

During this call, you’ll discover:

* The behavior patterns of someone who operates from the fear of rejection in business (so you can avoid them!)

* The four gifts of rejection

* The big key to handling rejection successfully

* A sure-fire formula to help you create more revenues

* 16 powerful strategies to turn rejection into revenues

There will be time for your personal questions and the class will be recorded (and if you’re unable to attend the class live, email me your questions so I can address them on the recording). :+)

If you want to know how rejection, or the fear of it, has been holding you back in business AND how to harness that energy to actually make it work FOR you, this is the teleclass that you don’t want to miss!

To Your Success In Every Way ~


P.S.: My friend and colleague, Michael Angier of, sent me a 2-minute video of actor Kevin Spacey talking about success. Actors know a lot about rejection (unfortunately); watch as Kevin shares his moving personal philosophy about success.

And then join me for Wednesday’s teleclass by going here:

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