Energy is everything. So to understand what’s happening and get new results in your business, you need to understand energy – and relate to the power you have in communion with it – in a new way.

One of the most common things I hear from my clients is that either things are moving too fast (overwhelm, multi-tasking isn’t enough, too many irons in the fire) or too slow (not enough clients / money / resources).

Each of these experiences is NOT about the actual situation the person is in; instead, it’s about their relationship and awareness about energy and how to channel it effectively.

This is such a big topic that it has become a significant part of my work – helping entrepreneurs discover how to find hidden power sources and channel energy to create a quantum leap.

First, here is a teaching about the principles of energy that you need to know to create intentional success (whether in life and/or business).

Five Principles of Energy To Intentionally Create Success

1.      Energy is weightless. If it’s heavy, you’re operating on the physical plane; that means it takes more time to manifest what you want. (This also explains why spiritual people might have a hard time taking action and manifesting on the physical plane – it’s dense energy and we spiritual types know we can create instantaneously, so why bother working so hard?) 😉

2.      Energy is a vibration. Literally everything moves all the time, which creates a vibration that resonates with everything else that is also vibrating. The vibrations that relate to each other stick together because it’s easier than trying to convert dissimilar vibrations to a different frequency.

3.      Energy is literal. You get what you asked for, even if you don’t remember asking. Also, you receive the sum total of what you have asked for cumulatively. Energy does not have the capacity to stop and ask you if what you asked for is what you really want… your higher self may do that through intuitive insights and inklings, but energy doesn’t question your directives and doesn’t pay attention to time and space.

4.      Energy is non-judgmental. Energy simply IS. Energy does not ask if something is right or wrong – it just does its thing in being energy. It does not ask if it should blow up in an explosion, or release in a sound, or stop at a line – it does what it is directed to do. Without direction, it will take the path of least resistance.

5. Energy is dynamic. Energy vibrates, moving about, and is basically busy being energy. If something isn’t moving, it is stagnant at the very least; an absolute lack of energy on the physical plane, by definition, is death.

What gets interesting is remembering these principles and learning how to work with them in a productive, efficient, effortless way on a daily basis.

One last word on how energy can affect your business:

Your business can grow only as fast as you do.

That means that if you find your business isn’t making enough money, new clients aren’t coming in (or not quickly enough) or you are besieged by administrative details, your business energy needs some attention pronto.

If you find yourself repeating patterns, staying stuck in what you don’t want, looping through the same challenges – AND you’re frustrated by that – it’s time for you to grow. Growing means getting fresh input, learning what you can’t discover on your own and seeing how you relate to energy in a new way.

And that means you need to find a teacher, whether that be a person, situation or written word because you need someone or something to pull you out of where you’ve been… it’s hard to see something new without a different lens.

So, pay attention to what’s happening, set yourself up for success by finding a teacher and create your intentional quantum leap. It’s all about the energy.

About The Author:  Lynn Scheurell

Lynn Scheurell, spiritual teacher, speaker and writer, is an authority on translating one’s life purpose into a viable business model. Since 1998, she has been the Creative Catalyst and has worked with more than 5,000 people to accelerate their personal transformation, honor their unique gifts and create value for others through entrepreneuring.

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