I just had to share this wonderful lesson in marketing with you all. When I was coaching Joe and Bob’s programs I worked in a 4 story building. Right across the highway there was a small automotive shop that does oil changes, car detailing, inspections etc… Several times a month a man would come to our building bearing muffins and cookies. And, even in the summer he would bring fresh cold watermelon and strawberries to all the offices in the building.

Along with his muffins and watermelons, he’d always leave behind coupons for his automotive shop across the highway. And let me tell you, he was the nicest guy. He loved to take out the time to talk with you and he genuinely took an interest in who you were and what you were up to.

One day I just had to stop him and compliment him on his wonderful ‘Old-School’ marketing tactics. He told me his name was Chuck and he was the owner. He said he used to be a marketer in his day and used to teach/train people in marketing but now he said he was just doing what he loves running that automotive shop… and talking to people.

From that day forward I knew that the next time I needed some work done on my car I would go out of my way to take my car to his shop.

So, the day came. I needed an oil change. I drove 45 minutes just to go to his shop (I didn’t even bring my coupon.. nor did I even care what he charged). I pulled up… and lo and behold.. there was good ol’ Chuck.

I told him that it was because I was so impressed with his marketing that I just had to come give him my business. By the way… he gets a lot of business… and not just business but repeat business!

As I waited to get my oil changed Chuck and I talked and I told him all about Secrets Of Her Success. I asked him if he had any advice to give to the gals about marketing.

Chuck said the best marketing is relationship marketing and letting people know that you really care about them and aren’t out just to make a buck from them. He said that most business owners these days are too lazy to spend the time to build relationships.

He continued and shared the same adage that I share, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

His $1 muffin (if that – he buys them in bulk at Costco) and a little bit of face time got him $30 worth of business and a repeat customer today. And, a customer that goes and tells her friends about him and his shop. Now times that with the all the buildings surrounding his shop!

I’ll tell you that Chuck gets more business from taking the time out to go build relationships with people and do something nice for them.

Remember a key thing here too. Chuck didn’t just bring some muffins once. He came several times a month. Had he only brought them once he could have easily been forgotten.

Now here’s something else interesting. Chuck got so much business from our office that when our company moved offices recently to the other side of town… he went and visited them and brought more goodies! Also amazing to me was that he rattled off the names of half-a-dozen of my co-workers names! I always say, “Don’t be a salesman trying to make a pitch. Be a friend who makes recommendation.” That is exactly how Chuck made me feel.. he feels like an old familiar friend. And I wanted to help my friend out by giving him my business.

What kind of relationship marketing could you do for your business?
What kinds of things could you do to be a friend to your customers?

By the way..meet Chuck 🙂

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