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During these uncertain times, many are wondering why the law of attraction is not working for them. Any attempt to manifest money seems to be futile no matter how much meditation, EFT tapping or visualizations they perform. You see, the law is always working but what people tend to struggle with is the quality of energy they put into it. One simple reason for lack of results is the focus of the person…they are directing their attention outside of themselves.

The source of money is not “out there” but inside. All things come from you and your mind first before it is created in the external world. Unfortunately, you are probably so conditioned to believe that things come to you instead of being created from you.

In order to manifest unlimited wealth, you must first recognize the power within you to create your own reality. Acknowledge that you have created your current financial circumstances and by doing so you can then believe that you can change your situation. The famous Wallace Wattles says to use your will toward yourself by directing your mind on what you want. This means that you should stop reaching outside to get it and pull your energy and focus inside so that the abundance can appear to you. Of course, you must take action to generate the causes to create wealth but the steps you take should never come from a place of grasping.

Here are some tips to help manifest money:

1. Give it away. What? If you hold on to your money and feel a loss when you give it away or spend it, you are thinking that money is in limited supply. I am not saying to throw out all the money you get until you have nothing, but create an equal balance of giving and receiving. By witnessing the flow of consistent abundance, instead of holding on to each dollar in fear, you will be free of the power the money has over you. A good practice is to send money anonymously to someone as a gift. This will free you from the need to be thanked or acknowledged, which is pure giving without expectation of return. When you give to get, you are still stuck in a cycle of limitation.

2. Don’t pay too much attention to the external results. Even if you are jobless, behind on your bills or your business is struggling, don’t think that the situation of permanent. Stretch your mind to see beyond the current circumstances and imagine a different reality. You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want instead of recreating the status quo. Now, the external is feedback of your past thoughts and beliefs about money. If you are working with self-hypnosis or changing your subconscious, it may take some time for the external to catch up to your new way of being. Be patient and soon you will see the new experience that you have been cultivating in your mind.

3. Realize the truth about money. Meditate while holding a bill in your hand (whatever size you want). Watch your thoughts about that bill and how that little piece of green paper can make you feel powerless and fearful. The truth is that the paper isn’t doing anything to you, but your thoughts about the money are what determines your well-being.

4. Don’t work for the money. The income you receive is just a means to help support your life, it does not make your life. When you find joy in your work and feel connected to your divine purpose, the money is secondary and easier to manifest. If you are in a job that is dissatisfying and only work for a paycheck, you limit yourself from your full self-expression. Only those who live fully can generate unlimited wealth.

5. Don’t let your net-worth determine your self-worth. Ever since The Secret came out, I hear many customers beat themselves up because they aren’t manifesting right. They says that they are blocked and need to be fixed so that money can flow. I used to fall into this trap too. When business was slow, I would feel bad and doubt myself. At the same time, when money was flowing I felt like I was doing things right. I made the amount of money I had determine my value. The same problem occurs with my single customers, feeling broken until someone loves them. True confidence comes from not allowing the external situations to dictate your worth.

These principles are not mastered as you have been conditioned to think just the opposite your entire life. With practice, you can get into the habit of holding the feeling of abundance and will see more consistent results. The good news is that even a slight adjustment can make an incredible impact on your financial future. Daily self-hypnosis is a powerful way to give your mind training wheels and shift the root of your thinking into the direction of success.

The cool thing about life is that you get tons of do-overs. No matter what pattern of thought you were stuck in yesterday or even an hour ago, you can begin creating a new future now. Your desires are a seed of potential inside of you.  Learn to find, nurture and watch the roots of prosperity grow from within. Money does not grow on a tree, wealth is cultivated in the mind.

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