Today’s question that came in is a very common one that I hear.  And, below is my response to her.  Please add your own thoughts, advice, insight for her in the comments below.

Q: “I am just starting my own business, a home business at that. Little support comes my way when I talk to people about my business. People are very skeptical when it comes to this kinds of business. I don’t get it. I’m not even selling anything. I offer savings on things people use everyday. I thought it would be easier. Do you have any advice?”

A: Here is the best advice I can give you right now.  Make sure you plug yourself into women business owner groups like Secrets Of Her Success…even if it’s not us, there are many amazing groups out there that will give you the support, advice, motivation, encouragement…. to keep on going.  Join several groups and you’ll soon get a feel for which one/s feel like home to you.  And, find a physical local MeetUp group or something similar.

Sometimes that’s the hardest part about running a business… getting your own friends and family enrolled.  Unfortunately the ones that love us the most seem to sometimes be the ones that don’t understand us the most.. or give us the most grief.

That’s why it’s soooo important that you surround yourself with an active group of women just like you.. going through the same stuff.  You’ll find much solace and support there.

Also… I recommend that you work with a mentor/coach.  They will be your guide, your teacher, your friend and the person to help push/pull you beyond who you know yourself to be and what you’re capable of.  AND… they will help you avoid very costly, time consuming mistakes along the way.

It’s extremely easy to get stopped and stuck when you’re on your own.  (And your business will be the most grand and glorious adventure you could go on!)…. so the best way to make sure you succeed with what you’re doing is just what I said above.   Because 9 times out of 10 if we’re left on our own – we have only ourselves to listen to (and well meaning friends and family)… and sometimes our own minds can be a very scary place to dwell.. which can be a quick set up for us to throw in the towel far too prematurely.

Know this… no matter what… you do have it in you to be, do, have whatever it is that you’re creating with your business.  It’s just a matter of getting out of the way of yourself 😉

Btw.. I do business coaching and mentoring if you ever are interested in something like that.  I’ve coached programs for the big names like Joe Vitale, Boy Doyle and Matt Gill & Kevin Wilke of Nitro Markting

Visit (or if you’re here already) and sign up minimally for the free basic subscription.  You’ll see where to enter your email on the top right of the site.  This will be a good first step at surrounding yourself with amazing women.. just like you.

The site will officially launch next week… and I’ll have more info up there about my services such as coaching and mentoring.  But in the meantime if you’re interested let me know.

Wishing you heaping loads of success with your business!!  I look forward to watching you grow and fly!!


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