Secrets Of Her Success Secret Panel Member, Lynn Scheurell,  recently shared these 10 Keys in an inaugural class of a free series; to learn more and join the series, go to: (by the way… if you’ve never experienced BlitzTime it’s an AMAZING experience.. I recommend it highly!!)

1. Your business grows as you get your ‘stuff’ handled; that is, your business can grow only as fast as you do.

2. Fear is a sign that you’re going beyond your comfort zone; make friends with fear to grow.

3. Your job is to stay clear on the priorities so your business can do what it needs to do. Consistently sort through the details to make sure you’re focused on the priorities, and set up systems to help.

4. Fail forward faster; that is, don’t get stuck in what didn’t work. Know when to give something more time and when to call it done.

5. Your environment is the outer reflection of what’s happening in your inner world.

6. You aren’t your business, but it is you – so it’s taking cues from your pace and tone. If you’re in a generous and happy place, it’s likely that all kinds of great relationships and new opportunities show up in your business. Honor yourself so your business can reflect your positive energy.

7. Make decisions from a place of strength, not opinion, need for external validation, fear or scarcity.

8. Procrastination is actually the delay of pleasure; if you’re putting things off, look at what you’re denying yourself by focusing on the thing that you’re putting off.

9. You’ve got to make sure you ‘flip the switch’ in your head from being employed to being self-employed. There is no one to motivate you when you work for yourself, and no one else can take the blame or the reward for what you do.

10. Don’t waste time looping in situations. Instead, do what I call ‘break state’, which is to stop the stuck or looping energy with anything – a conversation, music, taking a drive, going for a walk or a movie – and then see the pattern you’re in from a fresh perspective so you can choose something different.

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