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Your potential is all that is possible for you, and, unfortunately, many people don’t know how to tap into it effectively to live their most amazing life.  We are generally trained to use our intellect, reasoning and linear mind rather than tapping into, following and optimizing the power of our energetic body.

Additionally, we are socialized to believe only what we can see with our physical eyes. Because we are not accustomed to cultivating and caring for our energy, the results we get are often inconsistent, inexplicable and not exactly what we want.

The biggest blocks often come from small triggering incidents that have built up over time with the judgments and decisions we’ve made on top of, or as a result of, the triggering event. As a linear person, who is likely intelligent, ambitious and increasingly conscious, it would be difficult to understand the events leading to your results because your results aren’t based on what is currently evident.

For example, if you, as a toddler, fell down in front of people and people laughed and you felt badly about it, you may have then decided to never do anything again in front of people that could possibly make them laugh at you again; fast forward a few decades to the moment when you want to be a public speaker, and can’t figure out why you aren’t able to secure (or even go so far as to unconsciously sabotage) a speaking gig. That is a clear example of an energy block that is hindering your potential as a speaker, which defies explanation on an intellectual level until you understand energy and its effects.

So, energy is likely a big factor for you if you feel like you:

* are stuck,
* haven’t really “made” it,
* aren’t supremely satisfied with your life,
* don’t enjoy the relationships in your life, and / or
* lived up to your potential in any combination of ways.

Once you start working with your energy, the possibilities to create and explore and love your life open up and become exponential. The smallest things can have the largest impact. You turning your potential into your reality sends ripples through time and space that create infinite new possibilities for connection, because you are the physical expression of divine energy. You are packed with potent possibility when you are in harmony with your essential self and in motion with divine order.

In fact, it is in this state that the people around you are inspired because as you live from your authentic potential, they have the permission and the freedom to do the same. And as they become more of themselves in alignment with their true gifts, they affect everyone around them, which affects everyone in their world. Eventually, hundreds of thousands of people are affected by you living and ‘being’ your potential through your positive and aligned actions.

Three Things You Can Do to Energetically Unlock Your Potential

1. See your world with fresh eyes. Take a look at your life as though you were a stranger to yourself; what would you see?  Notice who is in your world, where you spend your time, and what excites you… pay attention to what doesn’t interest you as well, or where you lose energy or feel weakened as a result of a particular type of situation, circumstance or relationship. If you have energy drains, it’s time to address them. And if something feels good, do more of it to open up the magical potential in your life.

2. Pay attention to what feels good. We are socialized to not necessarily connect with our emotions and feelings, which are the quality barometer of our experiences. Feelings are in the body, and emotions are the mental descriptions and expressions of those feelings that create action on some level. Notice what feels positive, nurturing, supportive and just plain good to see how your energy resonates with your personal happy places. Consider this an experiment in positive feedback to guide you in making decisions about where you put your future time and energy.

3. Follow the opportunities and interests that pop up. Pay attention to what interests you, as well as the opportunities that might be all around you right now. We don’t have to create opportunities; rather, we need to decide what we’re going to pursue. Make a list of at least ten opportunities around you right now in order to increase your awareness of your potential right here and now. If anything in particular stands out as interesting, be sure to take some small action to investigate it further. (And, of course, if you notice that you are feeling really good about that, congratulations – you’ve unlocked your potential!)

Remember, this is about unlocking your potential. That means it’s vital to avoid pre-existing judgments, projections and attachment to being perfect to stand in your way of discovering and tapping into your potential. By using your own energy to open to your possibilities, you are unlocking the flow of your life potential for greater happiness and life wealth in every way.


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Lynn Scheurell and Fracka Future, of Hidden Ways to Wealth, are visionaries, Woo Muses and innovators to positively change the world through “Everything Woo”. They have created a self-paced energy tools program that facilitates people expanding access to, and shifting their relationship with, wealth. Download a free clearing audio called “The Master Key to Everything” at

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