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With just three weeks left in 2010, this is the time to consider your year in review both for closure and for determining what you will commit to in the new year.

To help you in that process, here are some questions to jump-start your thinking. There is no right or wrong here, by the way… this is simply a way to look at how you have been living your life up until now. (And it’s up to you if you want to share it with anyone in your world or keep it confidential.)

I encourage you to print out these fill-in-the-blank questions, then curl up with a notepad somewhere and give yourself time to work your way through them (either all at once or in bites) to show you the gifts of gratitude for what was and the excitement for what is yet to come…

In 2010…

I eliminated

I reduced

I stopped

I lost

I enhanced

I started

I created

I loved

I was embarrassed by

I was frustrated by

I felt crazy when

I regret

I needed more time for

I missed

I went

I relaxed when

I would use a magic wand to change

I felt gratitude when

I was fulfilled by

Time flew when

I splurged when

I want to repeat

I should have

I don’t know why I

I want a ‘do-over’ with

I felt most alive when

The best gift I received was

Physically, the biggest difference since last December is

Psychologically, the biggest difference since last December is

Emotionally, the biggest difference since last December is

Spiritually, the biggest difference since last December is

Environmentally, the biggest difference since last December is

Socially, the biggest difference since last December is

My biggest ‘win’ was

I want more

The one thing I want to do again but better is

The best thing I did for someone else was

The best thing someone did for me was

The best thing I did for myself was

The one thing I learned this year is

I am most grateful for

I look forward to 2011 being different by

Once you’ve had a chance to see your year with a new lens of perception, you can discover new clarity, new insights and new desires for what you want to finish yet this year and experience next year.

To Honoring Your Experience ~


P.S.: Feel free to forward this with the people you know and care about – and feel free to share it on a Facebook note or blog too… my only request for that is that you give attribution. Why? (It’s not what you might think…) I ask you to share my website with people because it’s important that I fulfill my life purpose by sharing the power of clarity. All the insights in the world don’t do any good if people don’t know how to access them or what to do with them… so many are now packaged as complimentary gifts and resources on my site. Please help me give them away in order to support people in shining their light brighter… ;=) Meanwhile, may you find your year in review insightful… :+)

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