So, today is a very special day.  Not just because it’s a celebration of my 41 years on this planet but for two other reasons as well:

1.) Today is the birth of this website whose official soft launch is today.  (Official grand opening is Sept 8th!) – btw… soft launch means to work out the kinks before I officially open the doors 😉

2.) More importantly, Today is a  celebration of birthday wishes for all!

In case you don’t know… it is my soul purpose in my life and in my business to help people reach their dreams.

I echo the exact words of  Lynn Scheurell when she shared about her own virtual birthday cake:

“One of my core life philosophies is ‘as we honor others, we are so honored’. Basically, what we put out is what we receive back on pretty much every level in life.

I also believe that birthdays are a special moment in the fabric of time and space….”

And, I say, as Lynn said, “So let’s make the most of this moment today – my birthday – to set in motion powerful invisible energies for us both in this next year!”

Following suit of Lynn, I say:

Please share YOUR biggest dream (in the comments below) FOR YOURSELF in the next year as a birthday wish for me so that we can both be enjoying the fruits of your intentions in this next year.

(And I will send YOU a present!)

My biggest birthday wish is that your wish for yourself comes true!

I am soooo happy to celebrate both today and YOUR big year of big dreams together!!!

Here is to the next best years of our lives!!  And.. thank you for celebrating this day with me 🙂


P.S. I will be launching Secrets Of Her Success next week so apologies in advance if you experience any glitches or hiccups at the site when you’re there leaving your wish.  But, do keep your eyes peeled for my announcement of the official launch on Sept 8th!

P.P.S Would you do me a big fat favor while you’re here… if you feel so inclined, would you scroll to the top of the site where the yellow sunflowers are and hit the ‘Like’ button –   I need to get the requested 25 “likes” to get a unique Facebook url for the fan page.  Thanks!

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