Have you heard of my “30 Days In a Row Challenge” yet?  Well, let me tell you all about it!

About 6 months ago a girlfriend and I decided to take on a little challenge together to see if we could pull off doing something every single day for 30 days in a row.  That some thing could be anything… the ultimate challenge is really more of who do you have to do be to actually do something 30 days in a row without missing a day even when you really really really don’t want to do your thing.

What ended up happening is that close to 40 other gals and guys hopped onto the challenge with is and it was an incredible experience for all of us to say the least.  People picked all kinds of things to commit to for 3o days in a row: exercising, meditation, studying, reading, yoga…

It was such a transformational experience for some of us that we recently just did it again.  This time for my challenge I chose to do 1 or more things I was afraid to do every day.

What I got for myself out of that challenge was nothing short of profound.  I learned a lot about myself and others in regard to fear!  The reason I took on the challenge in the first place was because I noticed I was doing all kinds of busy work in a day but not the work that needed to be done to forward my business.  When I really took a look at that I discovered some very interesting things.

In a day I would distract myself with ‘busy work’ .. such as being on Facebook, making site updates, creating graphics, talking on the phone, writing emails, taking care of errands, etc..  Now that may seem like things that need to be done in a day but what I uncovered was that I was doing those things to avoid doing things that would actually forward my business.  At the end of the day I’d feel like I’d accomplished something because I was busy all day … BUT… I did not do anything to actually generate traffic, business or income for my business.   The truth of what I was doing was avoiding, procrastinating, distracting, resisting, detouring, ignoring… what really needed to be done in a day.

I had to really take a look at what that was about.   What I got was that I wasn’t just afraid I was literally TERRIFIED of doing certain tasks that would actually possibly make me successful!  I’ll go so far as to tell you I was/am afraid of pretty much EVERYTHING!  What?!!   I found an amazing quote that sums up why that is:

“Procrastination is the fear of success. People procrastinate because they are afraid of the success that they know will result if they move ahead now. Because success is heavy, carries a responsibility with it, it is much easier to procrastinate and live on the ‘someday I’ll’ philosophy.” ~ Denis Waitley

So, in 30 days every single day I honored my commitment of doing one or more things I was afraid to do.  The clue I knew it was on my ‘list of fears for the day’ is that if something came up for me to do and I felt anxious over it then I knew DO IT.  Also, any time I caught myself wanting to procrastinate or distract myself… that was a cue… DO IT!

One of the girls in my group asked, “What if I take on one of my fears and fail miserably?” .  The point is that you faced it and you did it.  Ultimately the greater gift is that you reclaimed your power back for your having even tried.

In my 30 days not everything had the outcome that I wanted but.. interestingly though that was very rare!   Just even after the first day of the challenge I had reclaimed such a feeling of power that I was like, “Bring it on!  What’s next on the list!”.  It literally became a fun adventure for me!  (as so beautifully illustrated in this quote by Neale Donald Walsch)

“If you can call your FEARS adventure, you will bring in an energy that will HEAL the fear; the energy of excitement; the energy of being inspired by life itself!” ~Neale Donald Walsch

HOWEVER, what I noticed I was doing was conquering all the little fears in a day.  I was still putting off some of the biggies.  So, I course-corrected and committed to doing some of the biggies.

Let me tell you what has happened as a result of my 30 days.  I launched my web site, I have made more money in the past 30 days than I’ve ever made on my own and I have had two big name people contact me to participate at Secrets Of Her Success!!

Has the fear gone away?  Nope. Not yet.  But, I can definitely say it’s subsiding.  All those little fears don’t feel scary so much anymore.  Still afraid of the biggies but now I have a fantastic coping mechanism.  Interesting, we’ve all heard the saying 50 zillion times, “Feel the fear and do it anyway”.   But for the first time I actually get it.

I will say that has been the biggest thing that I learned out of this.  I realized I have never let myself actually feel the feelings of fear.  As soon as fear would creep up I would avoid, distract, deter, detour, procrastinate, resist, do something else…  Now, when the feeling comes up I just be with it… puking feeling, shaking feeling and all.  And, I say to myself, “Isn’t that interesting… I really feel like I’m going to puke.”  Or, I notice my hands shaking on the keyboard as I type and just feel it… be with it… “Oh, isn’t that interesting.. I’m shaking like a friggin’ leaf!”.

By the way I can’t forget the teachings of Mindy Audlin on what she calls “What If Upping”.   I’ve written a whole post on this (read here) but the short of it is when we find ourselves faced with something we’re afraid to do such as: send an email, make a phone call, ask for an interview, ask for the sale, talk to a client… Mindy says to ‘What if up’ it.  Instead of getting into your mind about all the negative ‘what if’ scenarios play in possibility by What If Upping:  What if they said yes?  What if I got more business?  What if  big name people started contacting me?  What if this phone call opened up doors for me?  What if I talk to this person and they connect me with Oprah’s producers?

I invite you to try on What If Upping – watch/feel how your energy shifts.  Remember… like energy attracts like energy.


Proclaim it here: 30 Days In A Row

Great!  I’ve set up a Facebook page for you to proclaim your challenge and make it official.  You can take on anything you want.  And you can start any time.

For my new challenge starting today:  I will generate NEW traffic to my site every single day – this means I will also have to commit to doing one or more things I’m afraid to do every day.  HAHhahahahha gotta love it.  I wrote that out and now feel like I’m gonna puke 🙂  Guess that’s my cue… go do it!!

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