Just stumbled across this amazing Facebook Vision Board Application today and had to share!  I have always loved vision boards – dream boards.  But, for me,  it often becomes a “I’ll get around to it” activity.  Plus, I don’t subscribe to magazines, want to purchase them (at least the ones that would have images of beautiful things I would want to cut out), nor do I want to take the time to round up used magazines.

Funny also because I was helping a friend pack recently and I had to roust up yeeeaars worth of clippings and images she had been setting aside to get added to her vision board one day.   How many of you are like us?!!

So… one of the things that I have been doing is… I created an album on my Facebook Personal Profile called Darcy’s Dreamin’.   When I come across images on the web I really love I add them to that album.

BUT, today I stumbled across this really fantastic Facebook application called “The Ultimate Vision Board” :  http://apps.facebook.com/ultimatevisionboard/index.php

It’s super easy and allows you to create a waay super creative vision board that you can continually add to (or remove images).  You can even rotate the images and resize them too!!  And… you can create a tab on your profile page so you can view your vision board every day!   And.. it gives you all kinds of other options to save, create a desktop background and share with friends!  And… it automatically creates an album on your profile called “Ultimate Vision Board” where you can easily add/upload images

Here is what I created in a couple of minutes this morning (and as I add images they will automatically appear here! – How cool is that?!)

I also really like the “Bucket List” application for Facebook too:  http://apps.facebook.com/bucket_list/
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