Just had to share this today… I was in the process of preparing to write this blog post which was going to be titled  ‘How Big Is Your Money Basket?”  and the song “I Wanna Be A Billionaire” came on.  It couldn’t have been any more perfect!

As the song played I thought to myself, “Me a billionaire?  Not on this lifetime”.   But then I realized immediately I was doing just what I was going to write about NOT doing!  … putting limits on ourselves in regard to the amount of money or success we feel that we can receive.

It’s interesting the blocks and limitations that we can have around money.  What I’ve noticed is how many of us subconsciously/unconsciously put limits on the amount of money we think we’re worthy to receive.

So many of us start businesses because we have big dreams that we want to go after but then we find ourselves still barely making it, not charging enough for our services, just making enough and having money be ‘easy come easy go’.   We shake our heads in disappointment that we’re not making the kind of money we’d hoped to make in our business.

Somewhere along the way we made a determination and created a set point for how much we are allowed to receive.   We proclaim that we want to be millionaires and travel the world… but how can that happen when we truthfully only carry a small basket to hold our money?   The Universe will fill your basket alright!  However, it will give you no more than you can hold….So why aren’t you carrying a big basket?!  Why aren’t you carrying a ginormous basket?

Now that’s a whole ‘nuther blog post!  Take a look and see if you can see what your money set point is…. what size is your basket really?   Tell the honest to goodness truth to yourself.  Are you a just-enough-er, a hundred-thousdanaire, a millionaire… a billionaire? Why or why not?? Now that’s the million dollar question! (Pun intended ;-)) Is it time to trade in your little basket for a big ol’ honkin’ one?  They’re free, after all.

So think about this:  If you told a child they are going to be a millionaire they’d just simply believe it.  Right?  They wouldn’t question it, analyze it, scrutinize it or unload a bunch of, “I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve it, That only happens to other people…” … you get the picture.   What if we could get back to that state… where we could believe it just because we believed it with none of the subconscious b.s added to it ?  What then would be possible?

So… here’s a great little story to illustrate this.  One time a while back I printed out one of those checks from the universe (follow that link and you can print one for yourself) for my son and I asked him what amount we should make the check out for.  First he said $100.  I told him he needed to not be afraid to ask big.  He then said $20,000,000.  And shame on me… in a split second I was ready to tell him, “Not that big!”… so shame on me some more I said, “Are you sure?” (as in… maybe it should be lower)… he lit up  and then said “$30 million!”.  And before I could even blink he said, “No… make it $50 million!!!”.

Then I stopped and realized what I was thinking.  Of all people, who am I to keep this child from creating a big basket and believing HUGE…. just because I’m stuck on my own issues about the ability to manifest $20,30 or 50 million doesn’t mean I need to become a “basket squisher”  for this little boy and then project that on to him.

I wrote his check out for $50 mil and some change and then I asked him what date I should put on it.  He said, “Tomorrow!!” 🙂  Gotta love it!!!


I just love this song “I Wanna Be A Billionaire” and it’s such a great affirmation!  I included the lyrics below.

This obviously isn’t the original video but I just love this guy’s rendition on the ukulele… and what a voice he has.   I love too that you can tell he’s chasing after his own dream 🙂

Original Video Here

Travie Mccoy Billionaire lyrics found on http://www.directlyrics.com/travie-mccoy-billionaire-lyrics.html
I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
Buy all of the things I never had
Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

Oh every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different city every night oh
I swear the world better prepare
For when I’m a billionaire

Yeah I would have a show like Oprah
I would be the host of, everyday Christmas
Give Travie a wish list
I’d probably pull an Angelina and Brad Pitt
And adopt a bunch of babies that ain’t never had sh-t
Give away a few Mercedes like here lady have this
And last but not least grant somebody their last wish
Its been a couple months since I’ve single so
You can call me Travie Claus minus the Ho Ho
Get it, hehe, I’d probably visit where Katrina hit
And damn sure do a lot more than FEMA did
Yeah can’t forget about me stupid
Everywhere I go Imma have my own theme music
Oh oooh oh oooh for when I’m a Billionaire
Oh oooh oh oooh for when I’m a Billionaire
I’ll be playing basketball with the President
Dunking on his delegates
Then I’ll compliment him on his political etiquette
Toss a couple milli in the air just for the heck of it
But keep the fives, twenties  completely separate
And yeah I’ll be in a whole new tax bracket
We in recession but let me take a crack at it
I’ll probably take whatever’s left and just split it up
So everybody that I love can have a couple bucks
And not a single tummy around me would know what hungry was
Eating good sleeping soundly
I know we all have a similar dream
Go in your pocket pull out your wallet
And put it in the air and sing
I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
Buy all of the things I never had
Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

I wanna be a billionaire so frickin bad!

Original Video Here

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