First and foremost:  I DO NOT condone bank robbing or killing people (or any crime for that matter).   But, there is a lesson in what I have to share.   I invite you for a small moment to take off the judgment hat.

So… you know how The Universe has a way of delivering messages you need to hear?  And, how sometimes those messages show up or get to you in a bizarre and strange way?  (That’s usually the clue that you really better listen!)

Well… In less than a 24 hour period I had two people ask if they could confess something to me.  One shared that he robbed a bank (he did do the time for it).  The other shared that he attempted to kill someone (someone who caused the horrible death of his brother – he stopped with appropriately timed Divine Intervention).

I simply had to ask The Universe, “What do you want me to hear?”, “What do you want me to get out of this that I haven’t been getting?”

Here is what I heard … and here is what these two conversations revealed to me:

Both men went ALL THE WAY.  Now you may say the one man stopped himself… yes, but… that was only at the point of having to pull the trigger… something propelled that man to go all the way to that point… past the point of a fantasy or preparing to do it.   He went all the way to the point at which the course of history would have literally changed forever.   Both men went past the point of  fantasy, desire and “getting ready to”.

The Universe asked, “Where in your life… where in your business have you not gone (or kept yourself from) going ALL THE WAY?”

So my view is this.  Do you hop around trying to make things happen?  Or do you take the freakin’ jump?  Are you getting ready… or worse yet getting ready to get ready?  In the immortal words of Yoda, “Do or do not.  There is no try.”

If you’re not doing… if you’re not going all the way then you’re simply not doing…. only trying.  Go or go not.

Think Thelma & Louise.

Now again.. I’m not condoning crime or driving your car off a cliff… I’m trying to create a metaphor for you…

My dear friend, Eve Jackson, said to me today in regard to the actions I’ve been taking to move my business forward, “…it’s a move forward which is positive but it ain’t no jump.” … Doh!

What about you?  What’s kept you from going ALL THE WAY with your business? … in life?   Who is someone who goes all the way?  Who would you have to be to go all the way?

Why do we hold ourselves back?

Figuratively speaking, “I’m gonna go make a killing and fill my bank up!” …. oohh.. I better rephrase that.  I said “I’m going to go”… am I just going to go.. or do I just go?  Go or go not… there is no going to go.  You are or you are not… there is no getting ready to.  Do or do not.. there is no trying.

Better said:, “I’m making a killing and filling my bank account up!”

Interesting ending note:  As I was typing this a text came in that said, “Thank you for listening.”  … Thank you Universe… I got it 🙂

Shall we jump?

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