The other night was my son’s very first football game…ever.  As I pulled up to the stadium I thought to myself, “I hope his team wins.”  But, beneath that I listened to the real conversation taking place in my mind which was, “Would be nice if they won.”  Which truthfully meant, “Expect the worst and hope for the best.”

I immediately stopped myself and asked myself why it was that I didn’t expect the best but instead expected the worst.  I then asked myself where else in my life do I “Expect the worst and hope for the best”.  Doh!  Everywhere!!   Why don’t I expect the best?

It’s amazing if you notice the energy shift between the two statements.  One is so negative … the other so positive.  Can you see how the vibrations of the energy of the two would be so different?   If we’re vibrating at a frequency on the negative channel then we’re inviting the match.   If we’re vibrating at a positive frequency we’re inviting the match.

I was reminded tonight of my friend, Mindy Audlin, who is (among many other amazing and phenomenal things) the author of  a new book that is coming out December 7th called, “What If It All Goes Right?”.  She’s put a lot of thought into the concept of  what she calls, “What If Upping”.    Mindy invites us to realize the value and beauty of  ‘expecting the best’.

By the way.. I did an amazing coaching tele-class with Mindy where she talks with us about this very subject:  “What If It All WorksOut?”

From Mindy’s site:

“The Concept

There are two words that hold within them the power to create and the power to destroy. They are two of the most powerful words in our language, and we use them every day, whether we know it of not:
“What If.”

Our success or our failure depends upon how we make use of the power of these two little words.

“What if” carries the power to create and the power to destroy. It carries the key to inspiration and it is the birthplace of our greatest fears. The difference lies in how we choose to use these words.

Turning Things Around

Have you ever known someone who was full of ideas, but nothing ever manifests? Do you know someone who has big dreams, yet they seem stuck in the status quo?

This is almost always the result of a pattern of “What If Down-ing.”

To “What If Down” is to use the power of “What If” to talk yourself out of an idea. We do this both consciously and unconsciously:

What if it doesn’t work? What if it’s too expensive? What if I fail? What if the timing is wrong? What if I make a mistake?

The only way to improve the current reality is to change the question.

Asking a New Question

To “what if up” is to use the power of “What If” in a resourceful way. “What If Uppers” use these questions to fuel their internal fire for moving forward with ideas, allowing them to expand, grow and multiply.

What if it does work? What if the resources you need are right at your fingertips? What if it’s easy? What if it’s fun? What if it transforms your life in ways you can’t even imagine??

The question “What If…” acts as a midwife, supporting you as you birth a new, joyful, abundant life for yourself, for your community, and for the world.”

So I invite you to take on the challenge with me in your business (and your life!)  to what if up.  What if you reached those dreams?  What if you got that new client?  What if the traffic started pouring in? What if you made the money of your desire (and then some)?  What if it all went right? What if they say YES!?

Btw.. I took on that challenge last night and asked Mindy, “What if Mindy were to agree to be the next featured Secrets Of Her Success interview?”  🙂   What if she says yes?!!

P.S… I got an email from Mindy this morning… and she didn’t say yes.  She said, YES YES YES!!

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