One of the things I love about what I do with Secrets Of Her Success is scouring the web to find, collect, aggregate and share anything and everything that I deem worthy of helping you create success in your business and in your life.   Sometimes, like today, there’s a little message that comes my way that I know intuitively is for me to share with all of you.   And this little message from Noor is one of those that I felt compelled to share.

In this little message (below)  Noor says, “Your ‘job’ is to DISCOVER the problem you were born to solve.”

Give that one a ponder…


Call me crazy, but I really do BELIEVE every
single person was BORN to be great.

Yes, you were. I was.

We all were.

Why else would we be born?

Everything created was meant to solve a problem.

Doctors solve health problems.

Lawyers solve legal problems.

Mechanics solve car problems.

Your ‘job’ is to DISCOVER the problem you
were born to solve.

Your ‘job’ is to figure out how to spend as much time
as possible doing the activities and tasks you enjoy.


Because when you ENJOY something, your desire to do ‘it’

When you can’t stand something, you put them off.

I was born to unlock the shackles that hold down your
greatness and help you unfold them to show the person
you were meant to become.

You’re not reading this by accident.

If you knew the totality of the power locked up inside of
you, you’d laugh for a week. It’s that MUCH.

How do I know?

Because I’ve spent the last 5 years working on myself and
the more levels you reach, the more your understanding and
insight unfolds.

I’m no different than you. We’re all the same.

What were you born to do?

What are your natural strengths, your natural talents?

Explore them, think about them, develop them.

And then BEGIN.

Stretch yourself. Leave your existing comfort zone.

Turn on the lights and WITNESS the greatness of who YOU

Ignore the naysayers, IGNORE those who don’t see it.

I see it. There’s a part of YOU that sees it also.

My friends, make it happen NOW, you got that?

Your Coach,


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