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I Just Wanna Have Fun

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I really want to do in life as a career.  And, the only thing that pops up repeatedly for me is, “I just want to have fun and play.”   So, I just trust that the Universe will deliver whatever that is.

I imagine what kinds of things that I could do that would be fun and playful that I could make a great living at.  I’m still searching for whatever that might be… but either way I’m confident that it will show up.

I’m also convinced of the old adage that says, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” holds true.  I just keep asking God if he’ll hurry up and have whatever that is for me to show up.  Darn that impatience!

But, in the meantime, I love hearing stories of how people find what they love doing and are then able to make a great living at it.. and I always love a good coincidence.  Today a quote showed up that I posted on my wall:

“A man is a success if he wakes up in the morning and goes to sleep at night and does what he wants in between” – Bob Dylan

And.. for me that would be getting paid to play and have fun!  Then a friend of mine sent me an email with a link to an interview on YouTube of Justine Ezarik…. now there is a girl who gets to play and have fun and make a great living. She gets up in the morning, does what she wants in between and goes to sleep.  To me, it just doesn’t get any better than that!

But you say, “I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of her??” … well watch this great little interview of her on YouTube and then read more about her story here: .  You can visit her site at

… and her YouTube channel at:

Notice that her site and YouTube channel aren’t all that fancy shmancy … and I LOVE THAT!!  It’s just proof to do what you love and they will come.   Justine even shares some words of wisdom in her interview about ‘just starting’… just do it and don’t worry about getting it right or perfect.

When you hear her interview and read her story.. it simply is just that simple.. she just does what she loves, has fun with it.. and has not expectations.  She now gets millions of views, hits and has literally obtained celebrity status…. not to mention now advertisers are coming to her wanting to pay her big bucks to endorse their products.

Anyway… I’m probably just rambling now.. but just wanted to share that I  always get so inspired when I see people doing what the love and making a living at it!   And, she inspires me because she’s getting paid to play and have fun!!

What about you? What do you think?

Your Job Is This…A Message From Noor

One of the things I love about what I do with Secrets Of Her Success is scouring the web to find, collect, aggregate and share anything and everything that I deem worthy of helping you create success in your business and in your life.   Sometimes, like today, there’s a little message that comes my way that I know intuitively is for me to share with all of you.   And this little message from Noor is one of those that I felt compelled to share.

In this little message (below)  Noor says, “Your ‘job’ is to DISCOVER the problem you were born to solve.”

Give that one a ponder…


Call me crazy, but I really do BELIEVE every
single person was BORN to be great.

Yes, you were. I was.

We all were.

Why else would we be born?

Everything created was meant to solve a problem.

Doctors solve health problems.

Lawyers solve legal problems.

Mechanics solve car problems.

Your ‘job’ is to DISCOVER the problem you
were born to solve.

Your ‘job’ is to figure out how to spend as much time
as possible doing the activities and tasks you enjoy.


Because when you ENJOY something, your desire to do ‘it’

When you can’t stand something, you put them off.

I was born to unlock the shackles that hold down your
greatness and help you unfold them to show the person
you were meant to become.

You’re not reading this by accident.

If you knew the totality of the power locked up inside of
you, you’d laugh for a week. It’s that MUCH.

How do I know?

Because I’ve spent the last 5 years working on myself and
the more levels you reach, the more your understanding and
insight unfolds.

I’m no different than you. We’re all the same.

What were you born to do?

What are your natural strengths, your natural talents?

Explore them, think about them, develop them.

And then BEGIN.

Stretch yourself. Leave your existing comfort zone.

Turn on the lights and WITNESS the greatness of who YOU

Ignore the naysayers, IGNORE those who don’t see it.

I see it. There’s a part of YOU that sees it also.

My friends, make it happen NOW, you got that?

Your Coach,


What tips or advice would you like to add?

Have you heard of my “30 Days In a Row Challenge” yet?  Well, let me tell you all about it!

About 6 months ago a girlfriend and I decided to take on a little challenge together to see if we could pull off doing something every single day for 30 days in a row.  That some thing could be anything… the ultimate challenge is really more of who do you have to do be to actually do something 30 days in a row without missing a day even when you really really really don’t want to do your thing.

What ended up happening is that close to 40 other gals and guys hopped onto the challenge with is and it was an incredible experience for all of us to say the least.  People picked all kinds of things to commit to for 3o days in a row: exercising, meditation, studying, reading, yoga…

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First and foremost:  I DO NOT condone bank robbing or killing people (or any crime for that matter).   But, there is a lesson in what I have to share.   I invite you for a small moment to take off the judgment hat.

So… you know how The Universe has a way of delivering messages you need to hear?  And, how sometimes those messages show up or get to you in a bizarre and strange way?  (That’s usually the clue that you really better listen!)

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The Charles Schulz Philosophy

I wanted to share this today because it makes such a profound point.

I think that sometimes, in regard to our business (or starting a business) that we don’t think we’re successful (or can be as successful as others such as  figure heads in our industry or niches) …  if we don’t have some kind of recognition, title, status, award, degree, are the ‘best of’, seal of approval, lots of abbreviated letters after our name, etc…

A lot of times we let that stop us dead in our tracks, slow us down…. or worse yet, keep us from even starting at all!

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Do you have any insight about that?

Enjoy this beautiful inspirational affirmations for success video our wonderful Secrets Of Her Success Expert Panel Member, Debra Berndt, created for you.  Please share this wonderful piece with anyone you know chasing their business dreams.

What opens up for you after reading this?

Facebook Vision Board Application

Just stumbled across this amazing Facebook Vision Board Application today and had to share!  I have always loved vision boards – dream boards.  But, for me,  it often becomes a “I’ll get around to it” activity.  Plus, I don’t subscribe to magazines, want to purchase them (at least the ones that would have images of beautiful things I would want to cut out), nor do I want to take the time to round up used magazines.

Funny also because I was helping a friend pack recently and I had to roust up yeeeaars worth of clippings and images she had been setting aside to get added to her vision board one day.   How many of you are like us?!!

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Do You What If Up Or What If Down?

The other night was my son’s very first football game…ever.  As I pulled up to the stadium I thought to myself, “I hope his team wins.”  But, beneath that I listened to the real conversation taking place in my mind which was, “Would be nice if they won.”  Which truthfully meant, “Expect the worst and hope for the best.”

I immediately stopped myself and asked myself why it was that I didn’t expect the best but instead expected the worst.  I then asked myself where else in my life do I “Expect the worst and hope for the best”.  Doh!  Everywhere!!   Why don’t I expect the best?

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Do You Wanna Be A Billionaire?

Just had to share this today… I was in the process of preparing to write this blog post which was going to be titled  ‘How Big Is Your Money Basket?”  and the song “I Wanna Be A Billionaire” came on.  It couldn’t have been any more perfect!

As the song played I thought to myself, “Me a billionaire?  Not on this lifetime”.   But then I realized immediately I was doing just what I was going to write about NOT doing!  … putting limits on ourselves in regard to the amount of money or success we feel that we can receive.

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How about you, what do you think?

Yesterday I was afraid.  As a matter of fact I’ve been afraid (maybe terrified is a better word) since the day I started my business.  But today (literally today) I’ve turned to face fear straight into the eyes and I’m running into it face first as fast and as hard as I can.

You see… I stuck it all out on the line once.  Once, 8 years ago I had a very successful business and in a moment it failed and fell apart.   I fell apart.   I tried to do what most people do… get back on the horse.  That I did but now it wasn’t the same anymore… I was terrified.  Of course I didn’t let anyone around me know that.  I just put a smile on my face and tried stay positive.  Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?  But, positive felt so fake… truly I was so afraid.  I felt like such a fraud.  Here I am trying to help women and I’m probably the biggest scaredy cat of ’em all.

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