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“Traffic is rising, sales are rising and I am feeling good!” – Debra Berndt

“I sincerely think more people should know about your coaching!” – Carmen Kirschling

“No doubt in my mind… Darcy is the secret to my success. Thank you!” – Eve Jackson

“I just finished a meeting with a PHENOMENAL web marketing expert! I learned some GREAT ideas for my website…she was so inspiring and excited about her work…oh and she KNOWS her stuff! Thank you Darcy…” – Zión Chatelle

“I just checked my numbers this week and I made more online sales in Q1 2007 than I did in the entire year of 2006. I am sure it has to do with the redesign of my site (and my monthly news gig). My sales went up 261% from Q4 2006 to Q1 2007!”Deb Berndt

I would pay three times as much, it is worth every penny. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.” – Lynn Law

“…I’m sooooo thrilled and can’t thank you enough!!!! … you rock!!!!  You always point me in the right direction, hook me up with the greatest resources and deliver your sage advice with joy, love and laughter.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!”  – Jill Schoenberg

“Darcy is gifted on oh-so-many levels… where to begin? …her spirit is all about connecting people with the resources that will get them to their next best level…she’s all about online technology. And she wants to help businesswomen quantum leap their results in life and business…” – Lynn Scheurell

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No doubt in my mind… Darcy is the secret to my success. Thank you!

Darcy –Thank you… Woman to woman – you are a superstar! Do you know that? And if someone were to ask me what’s the secret of my success I would have to say hands-down it is you.

You have given me opportunities I could never have found on my own. You’ve encouraged and supported me. And you’ve given me so much — not only have you given simply excellent marketing and traffic advice but also helped me figure out and get rid of some of my stumbling blocks and loads of other help with personal growth.

You make me think woman!

And to those of you who may be reading — Darcy knows what she’s talking about! Did you know she is a coach for Joe Vitale’s Executive Mentoring Program, Bob Doyle’s Six Figure Streams AND Nitro Blue Print Mentoring Program? Soooo… she has an amazing amount of knowledge and experience!

Secrets of Her Success is Darcy’s dream. It was created so we could share dreams, inspiration, motivation and encouragement between ourselves as women. It was created to empower us in all stages of personal and professional development… to help us discover the biggest of our dreams and to succeed no matter what that dream is.

It is in Darcy’s generous nature to be giving memberships to Secrets of Her Success at a fraction of their value. Direct access to someone with Darcy’s knowledge alone is worth many times more than the cost of membership. Her interviews are absolutely unique — you will NOT find these interviews anywhere else! Darcy herself interviews each expert to uncover the secret to her (or his) success.

Plus, there are valuable free gifts available to members only and access to a hand-picked secret panel.Gals, (and guys too) there’s simply no doubt that you will find what you need here, and I am immensely proud to be a part of Secrets of Her Success. Eve

Eve Jackson, Canada
WordPress 911

I started your Mentor Program some time ago. In that six moths so many things have changed. I was wondering today that since that time my life has been filled with miracles. Truly it has been an amazing ride!

I was on the phone with Darcy some time ago, to have our last official call. She asked me what this program has done for me. I was silent for a while but then the answer came, loud and clear: ‘this program has made me get clear as never before!’

So this is not a letter that describes how I have put up a website and made so much money. No, This one is much better. I write you to tell you I feel utterly blessed to have been mentored by such a beautiful person (and suggest a raise or two). We connected from our first call and I have really felt the support and expertise from beginning to end. Time after time she has helped me and I always have felt that she went the extra mile for me. I think that I have been growing at lightning speed, compared to try to figure it all out myself.

The program has helped me to look deep within myself and open myself for greater inspiration. It has challenged me, again and again to ask myself: what do I really want? The results have been amazing: I have discovered so much, it is really unbelievable.

I started the program with a wish to start a new website, to share my works as a maker of Shamanic Drums. But during the program all kinds of beautiful things started happening. I started recording the healing music I make! For eight years now people ask me for my cd after my concerts, which i run monthly. Well, by January it will be born! One night i woke up from a dream. In that dream I held a book in my hand. I knew the book! I write a chapter a week now and take my time. But one thing is sure: It is coming… what a great feeling.

One of the most important things is that I started to publish articles. I run a Belgian non profit organisation that offers workshops on Shamanism, healing, ritual, etc. My mentor advised me to start writing, so since that day I have started to share more and more. The subscriptions to my workshops have almost doubled in the last 6 months. And i did not implemented any marketing thechnique yet! I just got clear and decided to share more with the world. In my articles I just share. And that’s what it is all about: to share… God i love this planet!

I have always felt that there is enough for everybody and that all can share their own wisdom and gifts in their own unique way. This program has challenged some fears that lived within me, but above all, it has brought me a clear vision and heart. I have never felt this clear and the results are amazing. I get up in the morning and feel like a million. And I just follow the path I see, at my own pace, following Inspiration. And my life just glows and flows. I feel so grateful!

This program has been awesome!

Thank you!

Roel Crabbé
Shamanic Drumming

“Having Darcy appointed my mentor for the program was a match made in heaven. Darcy’s clear presentation of the information, her ability and willingness to clarify and even guide me step-by-step was extremely valuable. Some concepts would have otherwise overwhelmed and paralyzed me and it meant a great deal that Darcy was available to help me sort through and prioritize, encourage and support me through the whole process. I think that both of us being Landmark graduates gave us the ability to communicate and work through any misunderstandings that arose. She and I were a perfect fit personality-wise and I know we both grew personally from our shared experience. Darcy is a wonderful coach with a powerful and positive outlook that is contagious; along with the personal know-how and experience to lead me to my own online success.”

Esti Allina-Turnauer
Netanya, Israel

“Working with Darcy was a joy.  I am someone who is completely intimidated by computers and the internet.  It is like a foreign language to me.  Yet with movies to market and sell and an E-book on Low Budget Filmmaking to publish and promote I had no choice.  I had to grow up, smarten up and get with the program.  Darcy made the transition look effortless and fun!  Her remarkable patience with me was amazing.  No matter how incredibly stupid my never ending stream of questions were, she answered each one with patience and  clarity.  Always speaking in her consistently up beat voice that sounds like she is giving you the information in a way that says “isn’t this fun”.  She would get so excited as she taught, explained and gently guided me through this complicated new world, that I would end up just as excited as Darcy by the end of each session.  Her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm about the possibilities and infinite exploration of the internet always led to great brainstorming discussions on how I could use the internet to promote my films and E-book.  In fact the whole idea for the E-book was born out of one of these discussions.  Not only did I learn a tremendous amount from my sessions with Darcy, but without her guidance, support, input and encouragement the E-book would not be happening!  Now, it’s nearly finished and will be on line this summer!”

Suzanne Lyons
Film Producer
Snowfall Films, Inc.

“I received 110% of my expectations from the coaching and mentoring that you provided.  You’ve provided me with the solid foundational skills necessary to have mind-blowing success even as technological changes come and go.  The true benefits for me was not only having achieve an understanding of the steps necessary for success, but the other manifestations that happened as we went along in the program, such as having a millionaire just walk in my office and want to do a joint venture project, and having a pastor make a prophecy that my books will change the way people think in the future and that I will be blown away by what is about to happen with the launch of my new book on spiritual discernment.

It has truly been a juicy blessing working with you.  My you be blessed and encounter a land overflowing with milk and honey!

Again, I look forward to meeting you one of these days.”

Joseph Graham
Context Thinking

“I absolutely enjoyed my mentorship with Darcy.  From the first moment I spoke with her, I knew that she was easy to talk to, passionate about her work and knew her stuff.  I had complete confidence that she would be able to shift my business upward and onward.  She brought humor and insight into everything about internet marketing and the struggles we face as millionaires-in-the-making.  I felt a sense of camaraderie as if she was fully invested in helping me become a successful internet entrepreneur.  She always went over and above the call of duty and gave 2000% in every interaction whether it was via email or over the phone.  Not only did I learn a ton about how to turn my internet business into a cash machine, I was able to build a friendship with an amazing woman that I am sure will last a lifetime. The secret of her success is that she has a heart as big as Texas and the passion and wisdom to help others become their personal best.”

Debra Berndt, CHt-Hypnotic-Coach
New York
Author Amazon Best Seller:  “Let Love In”

“My mentor Darcy Volden Hoag is great!!! She not only knows her stuff, but she is the most pleasant, patient, and warm person one could meet, and also very professional. Now believe me, she really needed to have patience with me. It has taken me a while to figure out what my niche market was going to be…I just couldn’t get it through my thick head. The knowledge that I have gained over the past few months has been incredible… with out Darcy’s help it would have taken my years to get were I am today. I really had no idea about marketing on the internet. I thought that just because I was pretty good with computers that I won’t have any trouble getting a money making site going. Boy was I wrong. My site is up but not yet complete (but good enough for now), Darcy’s and my next step is bringing traffic to my site. She has told me that this is her forte…so I can’t wait to hit the next phase. She has been so good at what she does so far…I can’t even image the knowledge that’s about to come. Well in closing…I think that the program, and Darcy are top notch and I would highly recommend it.”

John Hunt

I am writing to thank you  for presenting such an awesome mentorship program. At first I wasn’t sure and being a complete newbie to the internet thought it would be over my head. Your program allowed me to fill out a questionnaire on my level  of knowledge on the internet and what I was looking for… Darcy was awesome. She is very knowledgeable in every aspect and patient with someone who is brand new. Whenever I needed assistance she was there for me either on the phone or by e-mail and every time she made sure that I had a clear understanding of what we covered on our weekly calls. I can’t begin to thank you enough for this program and I will be forever grateful to you and to my mentor. Anyone looking for the absolute best program should seriously consider the program. I would pay three times as much, it is worth every penny. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. Thanks again. You have created an awesome program for anyone looking for a complete program on starting or growing an internet business, regardless of your experience level. I have gone from Newbie to having a clearer understanding all thanks to your program.

Lynn Law

“You have been doing a great job with me as these words should express…. –ec:

“You will never believe what an important experience it is to work with Darcy. You simply must try it.  I was able to work at my own pace and move faster when I got the material quickly and slow down when I needed to take some more time to explore and digest all the new concepts. I learned so much more than just how to market a product on the internet. I learned new ways to think about long term planning and new ways to communicate with my audience. Darcy opened my eyes to just how vast, wonderful and inspiring a place the internet is. If you take the ideas, concepts and tools taught in the mentoring course to heart and make them part of your daily life the potential for financial, intellectual and spiritual growth is limitless. I have been both overwhelmed and inspired by her. Both challenged, and fully supported in this process of learning and growing.  Thank you very much.”

Evren Celimli
New York