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Join my very special guest, Sheree Diamond, aka The Flow Doctor,  as she presents:  3 Secrets Revealed: How to Unleash Your Invisible Potential: Are you feeling frustrated that your business is stuck at the same level no matter what you do?  Many entrepreneurs find themselves in this situation. And what they don’t realize is that there are invisible factors that are sabotaging their success.  Sheree Diamond, aka The Flow Doctor, will reveal the 3 secrets that will help you unleash your full potential so that you can be in the flow of success.

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Join us Tuesday November 16th at 1:00 CST for our coaching tele-class segment, Her Success Secrets at BlogTalk Radio, as our very special guest expert, Lynn Scheurell, of presents “Creating Your Quantum Leap In Business & Life” – you won’t want to miss this one!  I’ve personally taken Lynn’s “Create Your Quantum Leap” and the result I and the other participants experienced were nothing short of phenomenal!

Everything is energy – everything – and that includes what’s happening in your business experience right now. If you don’t like what’s happening right now, you’ve got to starting creating something new by working with the source of it – the quantum energy. By increasing your awareness in how to tap your hidden potential and understand the world around you in a new way, you can create dramatic new results. Quantum Leaping gives you the ability to compress time and to super-charge your efforts to a point SO big that you soar to your next best level quickly and easily.

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Hear our special guest expert Hualani-Janice Mark present “Prosperity From The Inside-Out”.

Prosperity from the Inside-Out… Which of the following is most important to you:

  • Work or play?
  • Time or money?
  • Power or love?
  • Material wealth or personal growth?

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Presented by Fan Page Factory’s, Nathan Latka.

Listeners will take tangible ideas away as a means to increase their fan base on their Facebook fan pages. They will learn about the Facebook algorithm and how to maximize their contents impact for visibility.

Join us live every Tuesday from 1:00-2:00pm CST on our Radio Coaching Tele-Class segment series Her Success Secrets to hear experts in their fields teach you everything you need to know to be successful.  Join us to ask your questions and get expert advice.

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Robin Hoffman, MA, The Get Published Coach presents Secrets of Book Publishing Success:

Find out Insider information only the pros know to help you get published efficiently and successfully.

1) Learn the #1 key to set your book up for best-seller status before you write one word of it.

2) Understand what having a book can and can’t do for you and your business

3) Discover why it’s not what you say, but how you say it that makes all the difference in book sales.

4) Figure out which publishing route is best for you when you answer just a few simple questions.

5) And much, much more!

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Guest expert, the amazing Lynn Scheurell of shares with us ways to use “The Signs” metaphysically, astrologically, and through numerology to help you create and design a life you love.

You’ll find this out of the ordinary approach to looking at your business and your life extremely fascinating!

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Listen to expert coach, Harry Shade, of discuss the keys to living a fulfilled and balanced life as taken from his book, “Rare Sense, One Day It Will Be Common”.  These keys are simple and practical things that can easily implemented by anyone.

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Danek Kaus, author of, “You Can Be Famous! Insider Secrets To Free Publicity”  gives you the super dish in this class!

You DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS! Dan will discuss with us how to get free publicity for you and your business!  He will be covering aspects from the book will teaches people how to get free publicity.  And.. How to get on Oprah!

This show will help you to learn how to get free publicity for  your business.  You’ll learn about the tools you’ll need, the 10-second rule, how to approach journalists, how to do a national publicity campaign from home in your PJs, how to get on national TV talk shows and much more.
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Guest expert and luminary extraordinaire, Gail Lynne Goodwin, founder of,  joins me to talk about our favorite subject, “Unleashing Crazy”.    Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you just took the lid off and let yourself loose?  Who would you be?  What would you do?  What would you exclaim?

We talk about living a life fully self-expressed and take a look at what that would open up for you if you could step beyond fear and, as I say,  let your freak flag fly.

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Listen in as expert coach, mentor and author, Brenda Young, discusses The Energy Of Wealth and shares techniques of how to acquire more abundance in your life.

Brenda is the author of the new e-book “The Secret to Life 101” (endorsed by Joe Vitale), where she teaches people how to work with energy, using concepts and methods to create abundance in all forms (money, health, relationships, career, and spirituality).

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