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Joan Sotkin, www.prosperityplace.comJoan Sotkin

One of the foremost authorities on the connection between money and emotions, Joan is a prosperity coach and author of the award-winning Build Your Money Muscles: Nine Simple Exercises for Improving Your Relationship with Money. She helps people understand why they do what they do with money and how to comfortably move into an improved financial position and better relationship with themselves.

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Steve Little

The founder of ThePerfectBizFinder and Champion Success Coaching, Steve is an entrepreneurial multimillionaire who wants to share what he knows to be the secrets to accomplishing everything and anything you dream of accomplishing in life. He has been creating and building wildly successful businesses for nearly 4 decades. Today he is considered to be a leading success coach, mentor, and trainer serving and supporting the needs of independent entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Never Give In. Never, Never, Never.

Today, my  friend, Jeff Chavez, posted this and with his permission I wanted to share it here because it’s such a wonderful message.  Btw.. Jeff and I share a very common mission in life.. helping entrepreneurs succeed.  Be sure and check him out and all that his up to!  He is a fantastic resource with lots of exciting stuff coming soon that you’re sure to love!   Sign up to his mailing list.. he’s always posting great motivational stuff for entrepreneurs….