“You have been doing a great job with me as these words should express…. –ec:

“You will never believe what an important experience it is to work with Darcy. You simply must try it.  I was able to work at my own pace and move faster when I got the material quickly and slow down when I needed to take some more time to explore and digest all the new concepts. I learned so much more than just how to market a product on the internet. I learned new ways to think about long term planning and new ways to communicate with my audience. Darcy opened my eyes to just how vast, wonderful and inspiring a place the internet is. If you take the ideas, concepts and tools taught in the mentoring course to heart and make them part of your daily life the potential for financial, intellectual and spiritual growth is limitless. I have been both overwhelmed and inspired by her. Both challenged, and fully supported in this process of learning and growing.  Thank you very much.”

Evren Celimli
New York

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