“My mentor Darcy Volden Hoag is great!!! She not only knows her stuff, but she is the most pleasant, patient, and warm person one could meet, and also very professional. Now believe me, she really needed to have patience with me. It has taken me a while to figure out what my niche market was going to be…I just couldn’t get it through my thick head. The knowledge that I have gained over the past few months has been incredible… with out Darcy’s help it would have taken my years to get were I am today. I really had no idea about marketing on the internet. I thought that just because I was pretty good with computers that I won’t have any trouble getting a money making site going. Boy was I wrong. My site is up but not yet complete (but good enough for now), Darcy’s and my next step is bringing traffic to my site. She has told me that this is her forte…so I can’t wait to hit the next phase. She has been so good at what she does so far…I can’t even image the knowledge that’s about to come. Well in closing…I think that the program, and Darcy are top notch and I would highly recommend it.”

John Hunt

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