I started your Mentor Program some time ago. In that six moths so many things have changed. I was wondering today that since that time my life has been filled with miracles. Truly it has been an amazing ride!

I was on the phone with Darcy some time ago, to have our last official call. She asked me what this program has done for me. I was silent for a while but then the answer came, loud and clear: ‘this program has made me get clear as never before!’

So this is not a letter that describes how I have put up a website and made so much money. No, This one is much better. I write you to tell you I feel utterly blessed to have been mentored by such a beautiful person (and suggest a raise or two). We connected from our first call and I have really felt the support and expertise from beginning to end. Time after time she has helped me and I always have felt that she went the extra mile for me. I think that I have been growing at lightning speed, compared to try to figure it all out myself.

The program has helped me to look deep within myself and open myself for greater inspiration. It has challenged me, again and again to ask myself: what do I really want? The results have been amazing: I have discovered so much, it is really unbelievable.

I started the program with a wish to start a new website, to share my works as a maker of Shamanic Drums. But during the program all kinds of beautiful things started happening. I started recording the healing music I make! For eight years now people ask me for my cd after my concerts, which i run monthly. Well, by January it will be born! One night i woke up from a dream. In that dream I held a book in my hand. I knew the book! I write a chapter a week now and take my time. But one thing is sure: It is coming… what a great feeling.

One of the most important things is that I started to publish articles. I run a Belgian non profit organisation that offers workshops on Shamanism, healing, ritual, etc. My mentor advised me to start writing, so since that day I have started to share more and more. The subscriptions to my workshops have almost doubled in the last 6 months. And i did not implemented any marketing thechnique yet! I just got clear and decided to share more with the world. In my articles I just share. And that’s what it is all about: to share… God i love this planet!

I have always felt that there is enough for everybody and that all can share their own wisdom and gifts in their own unique way. This program has challenged some fears that lived within me, but above all, it has brought me a clear vision and heart. I have never felt this clear and the results are amazing. I get up in the morning and feel like a million. And I just follow the path I see, at my own pace, following Inspiration. And my life just glows and flows. I feel so grateful!

This program has been awesome!

Thank you!

Roel Crabbé
Shamanic Drumming

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