“Working with Darcy was a joy.  I am someone who is completely intimidated by computers and the internet.  It is like a foreign language to me.  Yet with movies to market and sell and an E-book on Low Budget Filmmaking to publish and promote I had no choice.  I had to grow up, smarten up and get with the program.  Darcy made the transition look effortless and fun!  Her remarkable patience with me was amazing.  No matter how incredibly stupid my never ending stream of questions were, she answered each one with patience and  clarity.  Always speaking in her consistently up beat voice that sounds like she is giving you the information in a way that says “isn’t this fun”.  She would get so excited as she taught, explained and gently guided me through this complicated new world, that I would end up just as excited as Darcy by the end of each session.  Her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm about the possibilities and infinite exploration of the internet always led to great brainstorming discussions on how I could use the internet to promote my films and E-book.  In fact the whole idea for the E-book was born out of one of these discussions.  Not only did I learn a tremendous amount from my sessions with Darcy, but without her guidance, support, input and encouragement the E-book would not be happening!  Now, it’s nearly finished and will be on line this summer!”

Suzanne Lyons
Film Producer
Snowfall Films, Inc.

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