Michelle Casto Presents – “9 Critical Components to having a Brick House Virtual Business” – Get a preview of our Brick House Virtual Business Assessment Model. Michelle will reveal the 9 Critical Components to having a Brick House Virtual Business—one that lasts through the challenges and winds of change.

You’ll also learn how our assessment shows you what is working in your business and what’s not. You don’t have to start over. We’ll help you fill in the gaps where things aren’t working and catapult your business to an all new level of success.

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Michelle L. Casto www.BrightLightCoach.com is the Soul Alignment Virtual Business Coach and has invested thousands of dollars and hours studying the science of success, online marketing, and what it takes to business breakthroughs. She is the author of 20+ books on life empowerment topics, been mentored by Marianne Williamson, and enjoys a thriving personal coaching practice where she has several unique group coaching programs. She is the co-founder of Rebuild Your Virtual Business.com Seminar that helps knowledge-for-profit creative business owners build a purposeful and profitable business.

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