Mia Chambers presents:  Delegate and Prosper with Virtual Assistance

Talking about how we, as women, often times struggle in silence and try to do it all.  Mia will  talk about how you can grow your business by working with a virtual assistant. She will explain how she works with clients and what types of projects she handles; from culling through and responding to emails, to managing clients’ entire online presence (Social Networking, Internet Marketing, website updates, developing fresh blog content, and so on). Once potential clients (PCs) get a clear understanding of WHAT she can do, the decision to work with someone like her (or another VA, for that matter) is made easier.
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Mia Chambers is a Virtual Assistant and the owner of ACUMEN WORKS.

She provides much-needed administrative support to small business owners who don’t have traditional office staff and struggle to get it all done. She has 10 years of experience in corporate television production, working with Warner Brothers and Steven Bochco Productions.

She worked on “Friends”, “Step by Step”, “Lois and Clark”, “Ally McBeal” and “Brooklyn South” (and a handful of other shows that didn’t do so well). She worked in all phases of production: pre-, on set,  and, eventually, post-production.

She opened ACUMEN WORKS with the intent and vision of combining her hard-earned technical background with her innate desire to be a useful global citizen without the confines of a corporate cubicle (smiles). Specifically, She increases online visibility and creates energy around websites and blogs utilizing simple design, Social Networking and Internet Marketing techniques combined with an authentic, straightforward approach.

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