Debra Berndt,CHt – the World’s No. 1 Love Hypnotist and internationally-recognized hypnosis expert, discusses the pitfalls that you must overcome to reach your dreams, whether it is in business, relationships or any other area in your life, Debra explains how these common pitfalls will block your momentum to reaching your goals.

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More about Debra – She has helped thousands of singles transform their love lives using the same techniques that helped her attract true love. An internationally-recognized hypnosis expert, she has been interviewed by, MSN, Lavalife, Complete Woman, and and has been featured extensively on local and national television and radio. She is the host of the Love Hypnotist Show on BlogTalkRadio and dating expert on Examiner and She also writes for her popular dating advice blog, Berndt has a private practice in New York City where she specializes in working with single women over 35 years of age who are searching for love.  You may also visit her site

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