Hear our special guest expert Hualani-Janice Mark present “Prosperity From The Inside-Out”.

Prosperity from the Inside-Out… Which of the following is most important to you:

  • Work or play?
  • Time or money?
  • Power or love?
  • Material wealth or personal growth?

To be successful in your life, do you think you have to choose?

Listen Now:  Prosperity From The Inside Out

Many of us believe that the Material Path to Power and Success and the Spiritual Path to Peace and Well-being are two separate roads. Have you been striving for success by:

  • Working more hours than you have intended?
  • Suffering from work-related stress?
  • Doing a lot of “hard work”?
  • Making compromises of your integrity and your spirit?
  • Investing energy in an effort to “get ahead” that you would have preferred to invest in relationships or play?
  • Devoting much of your time and energy in spiritual development but unable to reconcile the mindset of “big bucks”?
  • Sacrificing what is most important to you in your life?

The truth is that neither approach – material or spiritual on its own – brings sustainable happiness and financial fulfillment.  In fact, focusing on the material or spiritual path to the exclusion of the other actually blocks your abundance and prosperity.  To experience real prosperity, you must have a balance of inner and outer power, and a synergy of feminine and masculine energy to experience sustainable success that goes way beyond mere financial accumulation.  When you have true prosperity, you experience a richer, fuller life in every dimension of your life with extra benefits of increased creativity and accelerated career success, along with the feeling states of freedom, joy, connection, abundance and the confidence of wholeness. On this call, you will learn:

  • The essential commitment you must make in order to realize your greatest success.
  • The key ingredient that women must access in order to experience sustainable prosperity.
  • How to be influential without compromising your feminine essence.
  • How to manifest all that you require to make your greatest contribution.
  • Getting out of your own way is easier than you think.
  • And, so much more!

This could be the most important shift for women at this time of personal and planetary transformation!


From Marketing Executive, to Mystical Shamanista and now, Enterprising Spirit: Hualani- Janice Mark is recognized as an evocative voice for our future and  a new feminine spirituality in the field of human development, and is renowned for her SOULsignature™ Activations and Womb Wisdom™ Blessings as a Wisdom Keeper, Mesa Holder, Luminous Healer and Creative Catalyst.  She’s the Visionary Director of The HUALANI Group and Founder of Original Womyn Alliance and for more than twenty years, Janice has been offering an oasis of consciousness and creativity for you to access the mystery of your own inner depth, to weave this original wisdom into every avenue of your life.  Her Pathways of Partnership help you feel at home in your body while accessing sensual wholeness to unveil your sacred in a whole new light.  The Mystery School offers experiential education, personal transformation sessions and magnificence mentoring to awaken your world artistry and monetize your soul purpose so you may thrive, prosper and shift the paradigm of the planet. Janice can be reached at:

Phone: 519-942-5772

Email: iam(at)hualani.ca

Website:  www.originalwomyn.com

Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/pages/Original-Womyn-Alliance/114562291938206

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/iamhualani

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