Sopan (Brett) Greene presents “Secrets & Shortcuts for Twitter Success”. So what’s all this fuss and muss about Twitter?  Do you even know what Twitter is?  Do you have a love/hate relationship with Twitter?

Sopan will share with us EVERYTHING you wanted or needed to know about Twitter;  all the who, what, where, when why about Twitter and how you can use it to effectively and strategically boost your business success.
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Sopan is a sought after consultant with deep experience and talent in social media, internet marketing and psychology. social media evangelist and blogger, Sopan enjoys developing and implementing strategies that assist companies in strengthening their customer relations and reputations while crafting and controlling their consumer messages. He is enthusiastic about the revolutionary exponential viral marketing power of connecting companies to both clients and prospects through authentic social media channels to multiply trust, value and revenue.

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Notes from the show:
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