Michelle Casto BrightLightCoach discusses, “The 5 Internet Marketing Myths That Keep You Stuck & The Keys to Set You Free”.

Have you gotten caught in the many internet marketing myths out there, like the infamous, “just build it and they will come.” Well, as Michelle Casto, the Soul Alignment Coach explains in her Internet marketing myth-busting report, it is time to get real and wake up! There is a shift in higher consciousness occurring and that means the way business is done on the internet is changing rapidly.
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Michelle L. Casto is the owner of Everyday Enlightenment, a Publishing, Training and Coaching Company committed to bringing more happiness and success to the lives of millions on the planet. She is 20 books and ebooks on self-empowerment and spiritual develop-ment topics:

Get Smart! About Modern Romantic Relationships, Get Smart! About Modern Career Development Get Smart! About Modern Stress Management.

Known as the The Soul Coach, Michelle is dedicated to helping you live your divine life. She works with people who have had a wake-up call from the universe that is it time to make a change, but are unsure about what step to take next. She helps them by building a bridge to their inner self, and then using that connec-tion to tap into the wisdom of their souls. With these foundations in place, she teaches them how to dance with all of life’s decisions, and start attracting more fun, freedom, and fulfillment.

Michelle holds a Ph.D. in Coaching from Universal University, a Master of Education degree from the University of South Carolina, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Interpersonal Communication from Ohio University. She has taught at numerous universities across the southeastern United States. She believes that every human being was born with the divine gifts of cognition and choice, and with coaching, can create their own version of heaven on earth.

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