Listen to expert coach, Harry Shade, of discuss the keys to living a fulfilled and balanced life as taken from his book, “Rare Sense, One Day It Will Be Common”.  These keys are simple and practical things that can easily implemented by anyone.

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Harry Shade – – is an Inspirational Speaker, Certified Master Life Coach, Leader and the author of “Rare Sense; One Day It Will Be Common: A Practical Guide to a Fulfilled & Balanced Life”. He has dedicated his life to helping others be the best they can be. One of his favorite saying is “I am too blessed to be stressed!”

Harry has been a lecturer, trainer, educator & seminar leader for over 30 years and began coaching people over 25 years ago.  He has conducted seminars for thousands of people on very diverse topics and now I partner with people on integrating the three parts of themselves (body, mind & spirit) to live a holistic, happy, healthy life.

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