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Many entrepreneurial women have amazing businesses and are great parents and partners, but many times their relationship with their own body and food is a struggle.  And if so, how does that impact their desires to reach their business and personal goals…. As you may be aware, many, many women are affected (mostly in a negative way) by media messaging that suggests if we want to be successful, happy and beautiful, we have to be thin…..

Now, we’ve come a long way on this but we have so much further to go.   Women tell me all the time that no matter how healthy they are eating, no matter how confident they feel, no matter how much exercise they are doing, there’s still this little voice that is constantly saying “you could be doing more, you are not perfect enough, you are not reaching your goals”….I say this is madness and it is affecting women in business all over the world.  Women need to understand that when you are doing what you love and what you were meant to do, nothing could be more beautiful and it has nothing to do with the number on the weigh scales.

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Bio:  Jen Charbonneau is a spiritual transition coach, specializing in food and body conflict. She believes there is a missing link.  Her own story of struggle and triumph over a life threatening eating disorder led Jen to the far reaches of her own soul; only to discover the answers were inside all along.

Jen believes the quality of a woman’s life depends far more on the shape of her spirit, wisdom and emotions than it does on the shape of her body.

She currently coaches women & girls of all ages.  Jen created “So Glad 2 Be Me” a program that promotes self esteem and healthy body image for young girls.  She guides individuals in spiritual meditation and visualization and has recorded 2 meditation CD’s.  Jen is a motivational speaker who’s passion, enthusiasm and honesty will leave you informed and inspired.

Her new program “How to Love Your Body and Live Your Life” promises to help others find the missing link and feed the hungry soul.

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