Christine is a Personal & Business Growth Guide who works with women and entrepreneurs who are ‘flying solo’.  She incorporates her education in coaching and business, her personal and business growth experience, as well as her clients’ unique gifts and talents, into a customized program that guides her clients into their greatness.  You may find her at  Health-e-Motion , K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple Solopreneur

What’s your why?  Why did you start your business?

I want to help women remember their joy so they can reconnect to it for a fulfilling life.  We’re cultured to believe that duty, responsibility and obligation come before our desires.  I want women to acknowledge their innate strengths, remember their dreams and pursue their passion – so they can then support those around them.

I want to guide other soul-o-preneurs so they can set up an easy client stream in their business.  Even with my MBA and business undergraduate degree, I was not prepared to be an entrepreneur.  I spent the entire first year of my business also taking a ton of classes to learn the ropes.  I’m happy that I get to distill that knowledge down to a simple program so others don’t have to spend the time and money like I did!

What has been of the greatest help for you building your business so far?

The greatest help has been the diverse networks that I have around me.  I was fully supported by them when I dove into this venture and that gave me some additional courage!  They continue to be with me and I utilize them to the fullest.  As a soul-o-preneur, we don’t have an automatic support network so we must surround ourselves with those who will.

Are there any tools, software, techniques, resources etc… that you have used that have been helpful to you in building & growing your business? has been fabulous for getting the word out about the events I host at Health-e-Motion.  Since I run so many classes and events, I chose MindBodyOnline for both my scheduler and my merchant account system.  It’s so easy and tracks attendance along with being my 24/7 online store.  My virtual assistants are my right arms, so I utilize them for all those projects that don’t really need my direct time investment.

Because I own a brick & mortar space, I do “feet on the street” marketing often here in town.  Just walking around and talking with people, looking for partnerships and ways to promote the other businesses in town.  The best way to become known is to help someone else’s business!

What marketing technique have you used that has yielded the best results for you?

Networking!  Yes, networking.  I believe, as a soul-o-preneur, that people will do business with you if they know who you are.  I attend at least four networking events every month so that people know me and feel comfortable with me.  I invite people to events, which is a fun way to sell!

Is there anything that you’ve learned along the way in your business that you wish you had known early on (“Hind sight is 20/20”)?

I wish I had come to a more accurate estimate of my business start up costs.  Even with all the research I did and business plan preparation, there were SO many little things that added up to more expense than I planned.

What is/are your favorite quote/s to live and work by?

“What you believe, you receive.”

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

“It’s the little things in life that mean the most”

Do you have any favorite books on business and/or personal development?

My personal (and business!) growth primers include Conversations with God, A New Earth, Quantam Success, Let Your Life Speak…. Man, I could name a ton more!

For business, Growing Your Business by Mark LeBlanc; Your Great Business Idea, Kate Windleton

Do you have any favorite web sites for business and/or personal development?

For personal growth, I visit  Even after healing myself from chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia, I still am easily over stimulated.  When I found out about this website and the research behind it, I was so ecstatic!

For business, especially for service professionals, I recommend Coach & Grow Rich’s virtual university – – even though it’s ‘coach-specific’, the program applies to most service providers.

What’s your dream?

To fulfill my potential by helping men and women connect with their own, and others’, divine inner light.

Fill in the Blanks

Whatever you DO:   Be soft with yourself.

Whatever you do, DO NOT:  Judge.

What do you think is the secret to success?

My secret to success is checking in with my intuition daily, at minimum, for guidance.  It’s critical to recognize that we are organic beings in an organic world.  To think we can set a goal and not deviate from it isn’t realistic.  By tapping into internal and divine wisdom, I can only be successful!

How does your business help women entrepreneurs?

Women entrepreneurs remember their strengths and become more confident about themselves and the work they do.  They learn to embrace their unique gifts and stand strong in that re-found authenticity.  By “being” in this way, they attract more business to them and reduce the amount of time and money spent on marketing.

These women then communicate more clearly and specifically about who they are and what they do.  They begin to understand others better and create networks that support them.  By “doing” in this way, women align their outer world to their inner selves – instead of the other way around – and they have less stress.

What words of wisdom, insight or advice could you offer a woman entrepreneur on the way to her dreams?

Understand that not everyone who is a part of your life now will be walking with you on your path to your dreams.  Your clarity of purpose may scare others or cause them to influence you in another direction.  Ensure you have others in your life that can be a part of what you’re doing without bias towards you.  Stay on the path and take the detours as you feel so led because they just may be the ‘right’ path for you!

Final Words Of Wisdom:

Don’t ever forget that you ARE your business.  People are attracted to YOU.  If you dim your light, you dim your business.  Illuminate You!


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