Michelle Casto is known as Bright Michelle, The Soul Business Coach, because she delves deep into her client’s heart and soul to see what is longing to be seen and expressed.   She helps empower people to shine their bright light in the world through who they are and what they do.

Her company is Everyday Enlightenment, a personal transformation organization that includes all aspects of information delivery:  publishing, training and coaching.   She has several websites:  www.brightlightcoach.com, www.smartlifechanges.com, www.smartcareerchanges.com

Michelle answers our questions and shares some words of wisdom.

What’s your why?  Why did you start your business?
To empower myself and others to know the Truth of who they are, so that together, we could get in touch with our divine nature, discover and live our divine destiny, so that we can all experience a more heavenly experience on Earth.

I often say, that “every human being has the powers of choice and cognition, and with coaching, they can create their own version of heaven on earth.”

What has been of the greatest help for you building your business so far?

  • Believing in myself
  • Following the divine nudges and creating the 20+ life-empowerment topics that help people achieve a higher level of personal mastery.
  • Aligning with people like Darcy, and joining communities like SOHS, where my soul gets a chance to come out and shine.

Are there any tools, techniques, resources etc… that you have used that have been helpful to you?

  • A Course in Miracles is my number 1 resource
  • Learning from Luminaries like Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Vernon Howard, Caroline Myss
  • Journaling
  • Coaching
  • For business, article writing, interviews, and social media, all build your visibility

Have there been any challenges in your business that you were able to overcome?  What/How?

Yes, there is always the challenge to go a different way than the crowd.   I have found that much of what the experts say about marketing does not work for me or my target market, so I have found the most useful thing is to tap into my intuition and truly listen and honor it, even when it tells me to go right when everyone else is going left.

Is there anything that you’ve learned along the way that you wish you had known early on (“Hind sight is 20/20”)?
To listen to me, and not to them.
There is a lot of noise and distraction in the world and much is killing our chances of true success. We already have the answers and insights within us, in the form of our inner knowing. What all of us need are people to help us access that treasure trove of wisdom.  That is the value of having a personal coach, they are experts as navigating the terrain of your brain, (and heart/soul).

What is/are your favorite quote/s to live and work by?
Here are some of my original ones:

“I am Therefore I think.”
“Soul growth occurs outside the city of your comfort.”
“Yes, you really can create heaven on earth!”
“Be the light that you are and angels with applaud.”
“Your Inner intelligence is wiser than social intelligence.”

“You cannot change destinations overnight. You can change direction over night.” —Jim Rohn
“Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation.” —Eileeen Caddy

Do you have any favorite books on business and/or personal development?

Anything by Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Paul Pearsall, Vernon Howard

Do you have any favorite web sites for business and/or personal development?
www.facebook.com, www.twitter.comwww.ezinearticles.comwww.divinecaroline.com (for articles)

What words of wisdom could you offer a business owner on their way to their dreams?

You deserve to have the success that you dream about. And anything worth having comes with a price.  I feel one price you pay is being willing to do the inner work necessary to manifest miracles.    Miracles are for everyone, however, purification is required first.  Do all that you can to get and stay emotionally and mentally clear so you shine brightly for all to see.  Why?  Because your business is a reflection of you.

What’s your dream?

To help millions of people live their divine life and to be a bright light for Truth, Love and Unlimited Possibility.
To write a best-selling book about personal transformation.
To live a happy and fulfilled life doing the things I love, with people I love, whenever I want to.
Oh, and an Italian Villa would be lovely.

What do you think is the secret to success?

It’s about fundamentals—doing the inner work to achieve outer results.   And  Knowing yourself so well that you easily love, accept, and honor yourself no matter what.

Fill in the Blanks

Whatever you DO:   Love yourself despite where you are in the transformation process, follow your bliss, listen to your heart, and have FAITH (Find Answers in the Heart), Get the Help and Support you need when you need it.   Learn to say NO and mean it. Know when you are aligned, all things come in divine timing.

Whatever you do, DO NOT: buy into the HYPE.

How does your business help women entrepreneurs?

I help women entrepreneurs build a foundation of values, vision, influence, intuition, personality, and purpose so that they can be who they came to be and do what that came to do.   I offer personal development products, life/business coaching, and a live training called Rebuild Your Virtual Business.com

What you will get with me is not what I think works, rather, a way of accessing your inner wisdom, so that the BED that you create made up of your Beliefs, Emotions, and Decisions is one that you will be happy to lie in!

You will discover how truly powerful you really are and begin to show up with boldness, confidence and charisma, so that who you become is so magnetic, everything you desire matches you and therefore comes to you.

Anything else that you would like to share that may be helpful knowledge or words of wisdom to anyone reading this ?
The soul is here for it own joy.   Find your joy and purpose and pursue it with all your heart and you will find you will have the strength and perserverance necessary to overcome any and all obstacles that come your way.

The way to enlightenment is to be intimate with all things and to be grateful for whatever life brings you.  It’s all grist for the soul’s mill, use it to your advantage by growing through it, vs just going through it.

Be that which you are and miracles will happen everyday.

Find Michelle Here:

Facebook:  www.budurl.com/mcfans
Twitter:  www.twitter.com/brightmichelle



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