This month’s featured member is Esti Allina-Turnauer. Esti shares her insight for us all the way from Israel. She is the founder of SafeCell, Ltd. (Israel). – and SafeCell USA is a coming attraction

SafeCell is about providing clear, easy-to-understand information about cell phone radiation and how it damages our health; as well as what steps we can and should take to protect ourselves.

Be sure and visit Esti’s profile and send her a note. Although Esti’s site is in Hebrew drop her a line and she can tell you anything you need to know about her product and help you make a purchase or twenty!

What’s your why? Why did you start your business?

I’ve always been an advocate of healthy living as a way of life and for quality of life. The more I learned about the serious health effects of cell phone radiation exposure, the more passionate I became about this issue, especially since there is so much misinformation from the side of the Wireless Industry.

What has been of the greatest help for you building your business so far?

Having coaching has been the biggest help. Without coaching I lose my way, get distracted, lose focus, and am not held accountable. You, Darcy, have been a big influence, inspiration and a help as my personal business mentor, and on-going as my friend. Having people to keep me accountable and people to turn to as resources have been my biggest helps.

Are there any tools, techniques, etc… that you have used that have been helpful to you?

I use all kinds of tools for the different aspects of the business if it’s keyword research – I use NicheBot primarily; I joined the PPC Classroom to learn the ins and outs of PPC advertising. There’s a lot more there than meets the eye! I am now using Joomla for my website platform, WordPress for my blog platform, and other tools for opt-in page building. I have a ton of stuff bookmarked for both my American and Israeli business resources as far as content, marketing and other practical stuff like credit card processing and order fulfillment.

What’s been the biggest challenge so far?

Having enough money to keep going. On a personal level, my biggest challenge is to complete each step
of the process, rather than just being very busy moving from task to task, but not putting enough into the actions steps that produce results like actual marketing and beating.

I find maintaining the blogs challenging as well – and no matter whether I write in Hebrew or in English first, the translated version always comes out a bit different – I guess I edit as I write, naturally. I know I should write more often and the more I put it off, the harder it is sometimes to actually put myself to the task. It’s silly.

What keeps you going?

My Why and my Vision. There have been many times it would have been very easy to just quit and do something else – like get a real job. I know, though, that a ‘real’ job won’t come close to supporting my family let alone get me closer to financial independence. Or make a difference in the world. The support I get from my husband has been a big factor in my moving ahead when things looked bleak.

What’s your favorite quote/s to live and work by?

Nothing is impossible. I don’t know who’s quote that is, but I like
To take credit for it! I read it somewhere – I wrote it, then I read it.

Do you have any favorite books on business and/or personal development?

I just listened to Dale Carnegie How To Win Friends and Influence People on audiobook. I know I will listen to that again and again. It makes me want to take the course, which I probably will do. I enjoy Steven Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Living With Passion by Peter Hirsch, and John Assaraf (nice Jewish boy from Israel) Having It All. I’m always looking for material to add to my iPod so I can listen while I drive. I don’t think you can get too much of this kind of material. I find the real life anecdotes most inspirational, like those in Dale Carnegie’s book. Anything beyond the theoretical, with real life experience, is inspirational to me.

What would you tell someone thinking about starting their own business?

Have a clear vision, get a mentor or 3. Write a really detailed plan and follow it. Don’t run ahead of yourself. Take each step at a time.

What’s your dream?

To create a business that outgrows my little home office, employing others, being the number one company for cell phone radiation protection with an impeccable reputation for excellent product, customer service and community contribution.

To earn enough money to build the new school for my kids. We’re only talking about $10 million dollars.

To watch Top Gun in my underwear with Darcy Hoag (Darcy’s note: Inside joke which is really really funny 🙂 ).

What do you think is the secret to success?

The secret is – there is no secret. You can keep busy looking for the secret, and trying to find the secret. Or you can just do it. Being committed to something, I think, is the first step to success. That’s what keeps me going with what I’m doing now.

Fill in the Blanks (in regard to business):

Whatever you DO: Create a big game and play full-out and always remember it’s only a game.

Whatever you do, DO NOT: Eat yellow snow, carry a gun when you’re PMS, or flip-off anyone with PMS. – ok, seriously, punish yourself or dwell on ‘mistakes’ – treat everything as a valuable learning experience.

Anything else that you would like to share that may be helpful knowledge to anyone reading this?

Don’t pay a retainer for a PR person – I look at the money I spent this past year on a PR guy and he hasn’t helped put one single shekel in my pocket. I could have invested a quarter of that money into offline advertising and probably gotten at least some ROI. Hold others accountable. Get clear and specific with those working with you or for you what their responsibilities are and what specific measurable results are expected – and what steps to take when those goals are not met.

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