Founder of, Gail Lynne Goodwin reveals how her site generates an insane amount of traffic with no money spent on advertising. She shares how she’s enrolled one big name after another to participate and promote her site. She also shares this…

Gail is one amazing woman and we’re also very honored to have Gail on our Secret Panel!

I first met Gail when she featured me as an “Inspirational Luminary” recently on her site Inspire Me Today What Gail is up to in life is just extraordinary. She does interviews with people from all walks of life to provide you with a daily dose of motivation, inspiration and encouragement. (No wonder she and I click so well!) She has interviewed a LOT of people many of which are very well recognized names such as Jack Canfield, Dr. Bernie Seigel and John Assaraf just to name a couple. And what’s beautiful is that she features the inspiration and wisdom of people you many never have heard including children but all that are selected for the role they play for helping to light the path for others.

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From her site Gail says, “It is our humblest desire to help you reconnect each morning to the magnificence that you truly are. We believe you have the power to be, do or create anything in your life. We’re here to be your greatest cheerleader and brush the dust off of your wings so that you can fly even higher.”

Gail has also recently started which I promise will be the most talked about event in the press this year!

Global Hug Tour is: A worldwide adventure to connect through inspiration

Gail and her husband will take off in a small prop plane from Colorado in the summer of 2009 to circumnavigate the globe and literally hug the world. The tour will stop in more than 50 locations over a period of five months.

On a mission to make a difference, they will be:

  • Gathering great wisdom from Inspirational Luminaries in the far reaches of the globe to bring back and share on
  • Offering more than 2,000 hugs at each location to literally wrap the world in 100,000 hugs
  • Sharing abundance with important causes along the tour to help education, health care, women and children’s issues, clean water and social entrepreneurship

So, as you can imagine.. this woman who is up to some serious motivating and encouraging has some great words of her own to share just for SOHS!

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