This vivacious Grandmother rocks the internet.  Known as “The Divine Voice For Prosperity”, Rebecca Marina shares how she started a business in her living-room and can now proudly declare she’s RICH!  Rebecca not only shares the secrets of her success but also gives you some lessons on what you can do to be wealthy too. She says just doing this one thing is like “adding rocket fuel” to your business.

I met Rebecca originally as a client and I absolutely fell in love with this woman. Not only is her personality infectious, but this grandma amazes me as business woman and her ability to draw in the traffic. In the time that I’ve known her I’ve watched her triple her traffic, income and mailing list.

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Not only is Rebecca “The Divine Voice for Prosperity” but she is not only an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique Expert) but she is also a channel for Mother God Azna. Rebecca has a keen gift to help with issues around money and prosperity.

What’s fascinating about Rebecca is that she breaks most rules of what one would consider traditional marketing or internet marketing. She literally feels her way to success. She follows her intuition and Divine guidance to help her create her courses and grow her business.

If you ask Rebecca what courses or projects she is working on or has lined up she usually says, “Nothing.” This is an example of what I mean by how she follows her Divine Guidance and intuition. She does what comes to her when it comes to her. She said that the ideas just come to her and when the come she immediately puts a course or call together. She literally delivers them as fast as she thinks of them.

If there’s one woman I’ve met that just truly “be’s” herself it’s Rebecca. And let that be proof for you about how setting yourself free to be who you really are will make your business thrive!

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