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“Traffic is rising, sales are rising and I am feeling good!” – Debra Berndt

“I sincerely think more people should know about your coaching!” – Carmen Kirschling

“No doubt in my mind… Darcy is the secret to my success. Thank you!” – Eve Jackson

“I just finished a meeting with a PHENOMENAL web marketing expert! I learned some GREAT ideas for my website…she was so inspiring and excited about her work…oh and she KNOWS her stuff!  Thank you Darcy…” – Zión Chattelle

“I just checked my numbers this week and I made more online sales in Q1 2007 than I did in the entire year of 2006. I am sure it has to do with the redesign of my site (and my monthly news gig). My sales went up 261% from Q4 2006 to Q1 2007!” – Deb Berndt

I would pay three times as much, it is worth every penny. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.” – Lynn Law

“The increase in search engine presence in 2nd Quarter could be from all the wonderful training you gave me.” Deb Berndt

“I have to admit, this program was the best money I have ever spent. I learned secrets and skills about marketing and sales that have made a dramatic difference in my career. I would like to offer a special thanks to Darcy who was my personal coach in the program. She spent one on one time working with me and exhibited unbelievable patience when I was struggling. She was great. On a side note, I am not getting paid anything for endorsing this. She helped me and I am grateful, that’s all.” – Harry Patel

“This has been so worth the money…. I’m also going to rave about you.” – Debra Berndt

“I am very appreciative of your efforts that words cannot express…Again thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.” – Dr. Phil Agrios

“I thank you for setting me on the path to a richer life.” – Dr. Joseph Graham

“Thank you for everything you have done for me! I have no doubt that I am where I am with my business because of you. Thank you for looking out for my future too…” – Cheryl Heflin

“Who can put a value on what Darcy Hoag has given me through the mentorship program? Her mentorship over the months when I was setting up my online business was an experience I will always treasure. With her highly developed internet marketing and business skills she would invariably bring her delightful sense of humor and attitude of “everything-will-work-out, so-don’t-worry”. Her advice always stepped me up to the next level of challenge and as each goal was achieved, we would celebrate together. Thank you Darcy, for so kindly sharing your expertise, wisdom and encouragement.” – Marie Barrett

“I thank you for providing me with the insight on how to build a solid foundation that is allowing me to see unbelievable opportunities.” – Dr. Joseph Graham

“I’m ready for anything and everything now! … I also want to thank you so much for all the great advice, tips and info. There is NO way in this world I would have done any of this without you…” – Liz Forrester

“From feeling a bit lost as to how to do it all, now, with your expertise, I’m absolutely loving the idea of blogging!… Like I said, I LOVE YOU!” – Marie Barrett

“First I want to say that I enjoyed working with Darcy very much! She was a very positive and motivational Mentor. Darcy was able to answer any questions that I had and very easy to work with. The program she customized to my learning speed and took the fear out of conquering Technical Website issues. I would recommend working with Darcy. I can’t get enough from her. WAY to GO Darcy!” – Sandra Javier

“Thanks for the call yesterday… I appreciate you!……..Slave driver!” – Kathy Griffiths

“Working with Darcy in the mentor program has been life-changing for me. Darcy has been a great cheerleader, coach and guide on the internet marketing path. I have learned so much during the course of this program. The most important thing I’ve learned during the course of this mentorship is how to continue my education on my own. This is so important because the online marketplace is so fluid, it is always changing. I know where to go and how to find all the latest and most up-to-date information and ideas about running and marketing an internet business. You know the old saying; “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” Many thanks to Darcy and the entire Mentor Team staff for teaching me not only how to fish, but also how to cook it perfectly.” – Evren Celimli

“It is my pleasure to do something for you as you have done a lot for me” – Harry Patel

“I absolutely enjoyed my mentorship with Darcy Hoag. From the first moment I spoke with her, I knew that she was easy to talk to, passionate about her work and knew her stuff. I had complete confidence that she would be able to shift my business upward and onward. She brought humor and insight into everything about internet marketing and the struggles we face as millionaires-in-the-making. I felt a sense of camaraderie as if she was fully invested in helping me become a successful internet entrepreneur. She always went over and above the call of duty and gave 2000% in every interaction whether it was via email or over the phone. Not only did I learn a ton about how to turn my internet business into a cash machine, I was able to build a friendship with an amazing woman that I am sure will last a lifetime. The secret of her success is that she has a heart as big as Texas and the passion and wisdom to help others become their personal best.” – Debra Berndt, CHt-Hypnotic-Coach

“I feel really grateful to know you, I’m very sure in another dimension you have very bright wings. Much love and thanks for your continuous inspiration.” – Roel Crabbe

“What would I do with out you, Darcy!” – Marie Barrett

“You have already helped, a LOT, by your encouragement.” – Harvey Garrison

“Thank you SO much for your input! It really takes a lot of stress away.” – Ryanne Stellingwerf

“As always, thank you so much for your help!!!” –Ryanne Stellingwerf

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Jill Schoenberg

“Thank you for this very useful knowledge.” – Amber Swalberg

“Thanks Darcy, keep being great!” – Liz Forrester

“I would just like to say that Darcy, my mentor, was absolutely fantastic in helping guide me through this program, step-by-step and in such a way that was easily comprehensible by me, who was then a total internet newbie! She explained everything so clearly and manageable and even though she was on the other side of the world, she never seemed far away for help and advice at any time. Thank you Darcy.” – Liz Forrester

“You are definitely one of the people I am thankful for this year!” – Deb Berndt

“You’re awesome.” – Jim Hollis

“Darcy, truly, I love you from the bottom of my heart and I see you as an angel on my path. Your guidance has helped me to get clear on my soul and to accept my destiny on a much deeper level. I am here to share beauty. And all will come from that. I thank God that He gave me the dream that made me sign into this program. In the dream I worked on my site and I felt blessed. And surely I am with you at my side!” – Roel Crabbe

“Fabulous phone call today. Thank you so much” – Marie Barrett

“…your suggestion was a really good one” – Dave DePalma

“You’re really an angel!” – Roel Crabbe

“Thanks for a wonderful phone call today.” – Marie Barrett

“I’m just grateful for what you do and who you are. That’s plenty!!” – Dave DePalma

“… my website looks SO MUCH better now!” – Debra Berndt

“My gratitude will echo through eternity.” – Roel Crabbe

“I appreciate your support and patience.” – Evren Celimli

“…you are an angel!” – Jenny Okhiria

“You have been a great help. “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish”” – Harvey Garrison

“Thanks as always for your amazing help!” – Ryanne Stellingwerf

“…your dedication is very encouraging.” – Harvey Garrison

“I loved our talk very much; you have beautiful voice and energy” – Hava Abbasian

“I am going to have to start calling you my angels. I just want you both to know how much I truly and sincerely appreciate having you both on my team and in my life. I could not possibly be where I am and experiencing all that I am now without you. Thank you! I Love You” – Steve Little

“Again, thank you so much for all of your guidance and support. I feel like everything I learned is helping me build my empire. You’re the best!” – Deb Berndt

“Thank you for your time and positive energy” – Mary Taylor

“I think of you as successful and together” – Esti Allina Turnauer

“Thank you so much for your prompt and very professional way you are helping” – Rich Deyn

“Love to you.” – Marie Barrett

“thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!” – Roel Crabbe

“…am feeling 100% better [about her business]…love you” – Hava Abbasian

“I LOVE LIFE!!!!!” – Roel Crabbe [this quote is in regard to direction I gave Roel on how to create a viral marketing campaign for his business when he got the possibilities that he could create with my suggestions]

“…keep up the great work!” – Dave DePalma

“I’m so grateful to have you as my teacher, my Mentor! Seeing how successful you have become and how far you’ve come, that is where I want to be” – Marlene Matriano

“You’ve been wonderful! … I wanted to thank you again by the way, for all your help so far.” – Marlene Matriano

“I feel utterly blessed to have you as a mentor, and I truly mean that!” – Roel Crabbe

“I miss talking with you and hope that the day arrives when I have as much knowledge and success as you in this internet marketing adventure!” – Jill Schoenberg

“You’re a gem, Darcy…” – Marie Barrett

“The Mentoring Group is nothing short of amazing. I am absolutely certain they can help you put together a fantastic internet business. They have been positively fabulous with me. “ – Steve Little

“You rock!” – Suzanne Lyons

“What would I do without you!” – Kyoko Garner

“…thank you for being there I really appreciate it.” – Harry Patel

“I have grown quite attached to all of you.” – Steve Little

“I really appreciate you investing so much in me. You did not need to, but you did. Thank you.,,,You are a blessing.” – Steve Little

“Thanks again for your quick response, enthusiasm, and support. I really value your presence on the team.” – Dave DePalma

“Again thank you Darcy for the help you have given me and for everything I really appreciate it.” – Harry Patel

“Darcy, I think you are a wonderful person who has soooo much knowledge. You have a great personality too:-) You always cheer me on whenever I’m stuck and help me through all the challenges. Thank you so much!” – Kyoko Garner

“I am sooo happy it [new web site] looks good and just happy to see all the hard work I put finally on display” – Harry Patel

“God bless you” – Roel Crabbe

“The increase in search engine presence in 2nd Quarter could be from all the wonderful training you gave me.” Deb Berndt

“Darcy, thanks so much for the useful tips today – as always it was a productive session!” – Carmen Kirschling

“Thank you for the call yesterday, I always enjoy it. Your knowledge always amazes me!” – Kyoko Garner

“I can’t image having done this without the program. It is so worth it.” – Carmen Kirschling

“I’m very happy! Each time after our calls I feel so good. I really appreciate all the effort you put into helping me realize my dreams!…thanks a million! Virtual hug” – Roel Crabbe

“Your ideas are wonderful!!!! THANKS! … I’d love an endorsement from you!” – Jill Schoenberg

“Thanks for yesterday. I found it extremely helpful and I’ve got the dollar signs in my mind!” – Buki Musaku

“YOU ARE THE BEST!” – Jill Schoenberg

“Thank you!!!! Darcy” – Mark Fulcher

“Thanks, from the depths of my soul.” – Jill Schoenberg

“Thanks for today. YOU are awesome.” – Steve Little

“Y’all are, without doubt, the best teammates I could have!! THANKS!!” – Dave DePalma

“Thanks and thanks again for the quick solution and all of your wonderful help!” – Jill Schoenberg

“I really appreciated your help and feedback yesterday it is invaluable…Once again thanks a lot”. – Buki Mosaku

“Again thank you so much for all the confidence you have given me…I appreciate it” – Harry Patel

“I LOVED speaking with you today. You are GREAT. I am THRILLED to be working with you.” – Steve Little

“I’m so happy you are the one helping me go through it all:-)” – Kyoko Garner

“Thanks.. for the great call this morning. I appreciate you so much!” – Jill Schoenberg

“You’re the best, Darcy!” – Debra Berndt

Darcy, thanks so much! You’ve made the process really exciting!! …. I really enjoyed working with you, Darcy, and I appreciate the information you provided.” – Judy Kemp

“Darcy, Thanks again for your continuing encouragement and support:-) You are always great!” – Kyoko Garner

“Thanks again, dear one, for the great call and the invaluable conversation!” – Jill Schoenberg

“…thank you (for all you do!!!!)” – Jill Schoenberg

“THANK YOU !!!!!!! You are precious to me!” – Steve Little

“Thanks Darcy… for your words of confidence and your feedback. …know that I appreciate all you do for me.” – Jill Schoenberg

“thanks, Darcy, for your time, help and experience.” – George Henry

“I already had 15 years of marketing experience (8 of which in internet marketing), but your program expanded beyond the typical marketing to great guerilla tactics that will help me break through the clutter and bring my products to the people that need them…. The best part of all was my mentor, Darcy. She was an absolutely perfect for me. I knew that I attracted the right program and the right mentor. There is something special about having someone show you the way and cheering for you to succeed. “ – Debra Berndt

“…you were the best part of this program, I really mean it” – Deb Berndt

“Thanks so much, Darcy; I look forward to the next few weeks!!!” – George Henry

“Thanks again for all your help and support. I REALLY look forward to continuing our coaching.” – Jill Schoenberg

“You really helped me to see…” – Christer Hokhanson

“Every time I listen to my Gratitude CD I will be thinking of you.” – Deb Berndt

“Thanks so much for your help to date. I feel that I am ready for the big time!” -Deb Berndt

“I owe it all to you. Thank you so much for your help.” – Harry Patel

“I love this!” – Kyoko Garner

“Awesome ideas.” – Jim Hollis

“I totally appreciate your presence in my life.” – Lois Eiler

“Thanks Darcy YOUUUU ARE THE BEST!” – Lynn Law

“I feel great about you helping me! Yippee!!” – Angela Gower Johnson

“I look forward to your awesome energy!” – Rebecca Marina

“I can’t tell you how grateful am for having you as my coach!” – Maria Degange

“I love the way you talk and I am grateful having you as my coach!” – Maria Degange

“I want to thank YOU for being such an inspiration and mentor for me. Thanks for believing in me as well. YOU ROCK!” – Deb Berndt

“You are an angel!” – Rebecca Marina

“You are an awesome mentor!” – Rebecca Marina

“You Rock!! You are beautiful!” – Angel Gower Johnson

“Darcy always gave me a positive mentor experience. I also think she went beyond the call of duty, asking me to call her home when she could not fit me in her day. I think she has a lot of great knowledge, and I am grateful we had the mentor thing together.” – Linda Claire Snyder

“I must admit I encountered a lot of fear within myself during the whole journey I made with my mentor, Darcy. She encouraged me to go beyond that fear and to be bright, be excellent and, most importantly, to keep on moving in the right direction. She has a way of lighting that inner fire and shows an unmovable trust in her client’s goal. Apart from helping me a thousand times she has always encouraged me to go for my dreams, no excuses. And she showed me again and again what it is to go ‘the extra mile’ and has gained a dear friend during the process. I feel grateful!” – Roel Crabbe

“I am thrilled to have found you…you are so receptive, a wonderful addition to ‘our close knit team’!!” – Dee Light

“Thanks for all you’ve done for me – I’m somebody who thinks he knows it all and when I’m taught new things I get very surprised. You’ve surprised me a lot. And thanks for your patience with a complete beginner like myself…I realize I didn’t have a lot to say during many of our calls because I just didn’t know anything – but thanks to you I’m getting better!” – Rob Smith

“Everything you do has such a flair, so much built-in fun, enthusiasm and originality!” – Esti Allina-Turnauer

” I just wanted to compliment you on your Blog Talk Radio show. I’ve really been getting a lot out of it – there are so many “Law of Attraction” gurus and seminars out there and I thought the one-hour talk with “HypnoDeb” was one of the best on this topic. I’m excited to listen to the archives of the other shows…and I’m a guy!” – Rob Smith

“…I’m sooooo thrilled and can’t thank you enough!!!!”  – Jill Schoenberg

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