Starting AUGUST 25th – Wednesdays at 12 pm EDT, 9 am PDT for 90 minutes.

Note from Darcy:  Sheri will rock your world!  If you have a chance to take this class… GO!  If you feel like you’ve tried all kinds of things to get you and your business moving and you still feel stuck then this class will reveal some very interesting “don’t know that you don’t know” things about what may be the culprit and teach you how to rid it… for good!   You absolutely will learn something you didn’t know before!

Many business owners know that they need to do marketing, advertising, networking, social media and blogging. They might even belong to a mastermind group, have a business coach and attend business classes. All these strategies are great. In fact, I believe that they’re all necessary. However, if they don’t create an environment in their office that supports their business vision, their goals and their dreams they won’t reach their full potential.

The ancient Chinese practice of space planning known as feng shui offers a proven system to create a supportive working environment. By using feng shui design in your workspace you can set up an office that empowers you. By applying powerful feng shui secrets, you’ll also gain clarity and become much more productive.

What are the results? You’ll attract more clients and bring in more cash flow!

Feng shui isn’t a religion, it isn’t a fad and it isn’t witchcraft. It’s a science that’s based on quantum physics. As Einstein proved, everything is energy. In feng shui, energy is referred to as “chi.” When the energy or chi is stuck or blocked in your office, your business will remain stuck. That’s why when you rearrange your workspace using feng shui advice, you’ll have the ability to free up the chi and opportunities will magically arrive at your doorstep!

Of course, you can read feng shui books and learn about some of the feng shui principles but it can be VERY confusing. Plus, you can’t see beyond your own blocks and it takes many years of study to master feng shui. So having a trained feng shui expert like myself (I’ve been practicing feng shui for over a decade) guide you on EXACTLY how to set up your office for success will allow you to skyrocket your business FAST.

That’s why I decided to create this exciting and revolutionary “Feng Shui Your Way to Wealth: Office Edition” program. I going to teach you my 4-Step System to attract more clients, boost your revenues, gain more visibility in your industry and assist you with bringing in more helpful people to support you in your business.

But this feng shui teleseminar series is not only about me lecturing to you. You will also take immediate action during each call. I’ll discuss various feng shui concepts and strategies, we’ll take a 30 minute break midway through the call and then you’ll make some changes right away to your office. This program is only for entrepreneurs that are ready, willing and committed to taking their business to the next level.

In this 4-part, action-packed program, I will reveal my feng shui secrets that helped me triple my income within 12 months. You see, the way you arrange your furniture, the accessories that you surround yourself with, your artwork, and the way your position your desk some of the factors that will influence how successful you’ll be in your business. This is only a sampling of what I’ll be teaching you.

This feng shui teleseries begins next week on Wednesday, August 25th. To reserve your seat or learn more about the program go to:  The Flow Doctor

Starting AUGUST 25th – Wednesdays at 12 pm EDT, 9 am PDT for 90 minutes.

Call 1: Wed 8/25
Call 2: Wed 9/1
Call 3: Wed 9/8
Call 4: Wed 9/15

REGISTER HERE:  The Flow Doctor

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