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First I just wanted to give you a big ol’ Texas size, WELCOME! I, and the rest of the community here are genuinely excited that you’re here!!

The biggest reason I love helping entrepreneurs so much is because it my most fantastic dream to help people reach their dreams. I know that you’ve started a business (or are thinking about starting one) because you have some big dreams that you’re pursuing… and I want to be a catalyst in helping you get there. That is exactly my reason for starting this site!

So… one of the best ways that I can start that process is by getting to know just what it is that you’re up to. AND by sharing here you’ll also let others know what you’re up to… you never know who might could help and who might like to purchase your products or services. And, if anything else, we’ll hold the space here for you to catch up to some of those dreams you’re chasing after 🙂

In the comment section below put the answers to these questions:

1.) What’s the name of your business? Share a link

2.) What dream/s do you have for your business? Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

3.) What are some of your personal dreams?

AND here are a few bonus question if you feel like answering:

1.) What keeps you motivated and moving forward in your business?

2.) What keeps you stuck or holds you back?

3.) What do you think is the secret to success?

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